Kenya independence day – Kenyans reacts to Uhuru’s action on Uhuru park grabbing during Jamhuri Day they say this

December 12th every year do mark the kenya independence day where Kenyans celebrates the day the country got it’s first independence from colonialism.

Kenya independence day which is also called Jamhuri Day is one of Kenya’s important holidays and

Kenya become a British Colony in 1920 and in 1963 it became an independent country.

Kenya had formal admittance in 1964 into the Commonwealth as a republic and takes its name from the Swahili word jamhuri (“republic”); December 12 is also the date when Kenya obtained its independence from Great Britain in 1963.

So today was that very same day, Kenya Independence Day or as known to many Jamhuri Day.

The president had his speech a few hours ago and guess what? Kenyans had also these to say for the 2018 Uhuru Gardens Park grabbing that failed after this statement by Robert Alai read:

Remember that night in 2018 when the President drove into Uhuru Gardens at 1am? He found out that the land had been taken over by the chief grabber and was in the process of being degazetted.

The plan to build there the proposed Park View International Resort and Casino was complete. The president was livid. He called his Generals.

Within 10 minutes, soldiers from the 7th Battalion Rifles Langata arrived. Within 45 minutes, engineers from 12th Battalion Engineers Thika arrived.

Nixon Korir was given 60 minutes to clear his Le 63 Lounge from the premises.

Since the Army does not extend times like IEBC, when 60 minutes were over, the military closed the gate and whatever was left of Le 63 was being thrown over the fence into the bypass for salvaging.

Jamhuri Day
William Ruto shaking hands with Raila Odinga
during Jamhuri Day.
Photo: Courtesy

That night, the president and the military saved one of the country’s most important asset from the people who believe in grabbing it all.

By now, it would have been a place where drug lords and arms dealers run casinos sponsored by the chief grabber.

Vote wisely.

Kennedy Kipkegoi replied: Other things don’t add up sometimes. How can Weston Hotel be part of Uhuru gardens?.

Let’s be objective always putting our political difference aside for the betterment of the country. Anyway, what do I know?

Dsigei said: Maybe in your dream, why aren’t you talking of Gideon’s father and it was saved by Maathai.

Iammoskip said: Did he return land grabbed by his father as well? What about offshore accounts?

We aren’t buying this narrative, WSR is not as a thief as Uhuru. Period.

David said: They threw stuff kwa bypass some lies though,, so why didn’t the media or ordinary kenyans notice it?

If Weston is on that land why didn’t HE Uhuru order demolition?..#JamhuriDay

Korosha lamented: We always want to run away from the truth…chasing the wind.

We know very well who have led this grabbing from since independence unfortunately we don’t want to talk about.

The truth shall set us free someday, May be not now but it will eventually come

Mumia claimed: Lets find something else to do. Its becoming monotonous.

There are more grave matters other than this. Push youth unemployment agenda……..come on lets find something to do #JamhuriDay2021

Abunabi said: We will remember him for lighting a fire he couldn’t put out, sought for help when the house was almost burnt and when the help came he wants us to appreciate him for calling the fire fighters to save us. It was his major undoing from the onset!

Chris said: What’s the connection between a siaya voter and a some football pitch size land in some bushy part in Nairobi ?
Molasses and/or Mumias thing would somehow connect

Abilla had this to say: Robert,you haven’t heard Kimemia and other deep state agents apologising for their propaganda campaign against Raila in the past?

You should know that they apologised to Raila but didn’t declare an end to propaganda and fear mongering in Kenya.
Raila succumbed to it,Ruto won’t.

Biggii said: That’s a second attack on Moi in two days
1st,Raila was tortured by Moi and that’s why he carries handkerchief every time..
2nd….Moi tried to grab Uhuru Park!

We’re said: He almost grabbed a primary school land, had kids teargassed for protesting…ogopa huyo mtu nanii

Don’t forget that Kenyancelebraties had these to tell fans!

akotheekenya said: Hope Kila mtu ako na independence,????
Financial independence
Physical logically
Emotional independence
There is nothing as sweet as having Freedom of choices ,when you can do things at your own will and comfort!

The performance by Kenya Police

bahatikenya had only one mission, celebrate it as he advertise guess what? Happy Jamhuri Wishes from My No.1 Hospital @Komarockmodern Visit Our Branches in Komarock, Kathwana, Utawala and Tharaka Nithi ????????????

jalangoo had this to say: Our forefathers did set the pace for us…opened doors for us! It is time we made them happy wherever they are by making sure their dreams of Kenya come to pass!
Happy Jamhuri day!

Kenya Independence Day
Leaders during the Kenya Independence Day celebration.
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

William Ruto:
Jamhuri Day is a day to reflect on our journey as a country. We reflect on the past but we must also focus on the future. It is time to build a Kenya where every citizen has the opportunity to prosper. We must build on the good things of the past, present to build the new Kenya.

Raila said:
The future of our country is in our hands. Let’s seize the opportunity. Happy Jamhuri Day!

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