Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer

An orphanage kids in Uganda managed to be in Britain Got Talent for the first time. This was their first time in London with some very concerned about the cold which is currently there.

The Ghetto Triplets Kids made Africa proud by being the first ever africans to do competition in the famous Britain Got Talent which is owned by Simon Cowell.

Remember it was their first time to board a plain in Europe, It was their first time to be in front of Got Talent Judges, and it was their first time to compete and break history by making the judge break the buzzer rule thus prompting him to press the golden button before the audition is over.

The judges were so amazed that they decided to send the kids straight to the finals. Remember also this audition saw Malakai go home with the cup after fans dueted his videos with the huge star making him the winner.

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