Jaytmzeiya comes out to reveal the big secret behind Diana Bahati, Willy Paul’s scandals

Few days has passed since Diana Bahati started a very serious rape scandal on her youtube channel and it seems all has been all lies through. Jaytmzeiya came to clear air.

Very many different people has come out to blame the couple for clout chasing in the name of gaining attention. Since Diana alledgedly accused Willy  of raping her, many different people who knew them before has came to defend Willy.

We have seen NICA the Queen and Weezdom claiming that the duo that is Willy and Diana were an item before thus no incident of rape since they were in love.

Many think that since they have differences of Diana being dissed by Willy , she came out to taint  Paul’s name in order to cover up their passed affair.

Now one of their workers that is Bahati’s worker, Jaytmzeiya has come out to to reveal top secrets in the Bahati’s family and to him he stated that he is the one who shooed the video of Bahati’s music ‘Adhiambo’ but he never got paid despite shooting it from the start to the end.

Jaytmzeiya the Video Grapher claimed that after the shoot at around 3AM during that curfew time, Bahati had the audacity to tell him to take some video vixens to Kiambu.

Bahati sent Jaytmzeiya 1000 shillings for fuel and to make it worse he sent it to the number which had fuliza and thus the money was claimed by safaricom as of the case of fuliza loans.

Upon inquiring why Bahati sent it to the same number he has been warned not to send at, Bahati out of rudeness told him to sort himself.

This is when he reached out to his cousin to seek help. Presenter JT also claimed that after not being paid, Bahati demanded the clips but to him he knew since he had not piad him, he wanted to give someone else to edit them.

Remember EMB media has been closed for a longtime and recently it was reopened with Jaytmzeiya behind it.

He claims he has worked with most celebrities and he knows what they do to gain viewership. They are there to harass the poor souls for their own selfish gains.

According to Jaytmzeiya he would get pissed off when Bahati gives security men(watchmen) and other media personalities Ksh 10,000 and when he comes to him,ge is not paid.

It reach a point where J wife kicked him out of their house because she though Jaytmzeiya was being paid but using the money outside their house before coming.

There was a time he slept at a friend’s place for two days before his wife could later learn that indeed he was not paid the way he was saying and this was after she called out.

Referring back to Paul’s and Diana’s scandal, he claims as many that Diana  is such a liar and she faked it to gain more attention.

Even when you analyze what she said that She was at movie theatre and Willy  Paul who was a stranger approached her and she refused to let him in her Syokimau house then Willy  directed her to his car only to drove off fast and start touching her and attempted to rape her.

Many people have come out to stand by Willy Paul and let’s not forget that Willy  has claimed they had an affair before and even safaricom can confirm to people through data.

Things become bitter for Diana after Willy dropped a Diss track of Diana and it seems it hurtled her thus the harsh direction. And now JT Mfalme had a secret to confess.

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