Dj Evolve withdraws murder case against babu owino

Babu Owino has been in and out of court for a couple of months now since the shooting of a popular city DJ in Nairobi.

During the time Babu Owino was captured on CCTV cameras shooting the DJ which left the DJ sustaining injuries on his body. Babu Owino would later be charged with attempted murder.

Few years later Babu Owino was accused by the public on interfering with the case and that he wanted the case to be settled outside the court since the DJ was like his brother.

This brought serious debate on social media with KOT accusing him of intererance with the case. It was alledged that the Embakasi MP promised to pay the DJ some money if he accepts the case to be settled outside court.

Suprisingly, it seems Babu Owino’s wants have been fulfilled since he nolonger have a murder case to answer in court. The MP thanked his lawyers who among them was Orengo,that made sure the case was dropped.

Special thanks to my Advocates Senior counsel @orengo_james ,@CliffOmbeta ,@DanstanOmari_ ,@danokatch ,@Holly ,@PeterOmingo ,@kenmumbo
May God bless u all.Felix Orinda DJ Evolve my family is your family and yours mine till death do us part.Forever bros.Quick recovery bro.Godinit,wrote Babu Owino.

Remember DJ Evolve aka Felix Orinda is still recuperating from the pain that was caused by Babu.

Dj Evolve lost his mother a few months ago, the woman who was looking after him from the time he was shot till her death.

Kenyans are totally not happy with Babu Owino and this is what they had to say:

Kamau wrote:

how do you even sleep knowing the pain u have caused to this young man God will serve justice at the rite time

Justiceforafrica said:

In Kenya you only need to have money, be okay with the current government and you will get away with anything.

Now Dj evolve will be paralyzed forever however, his family will enjoy the millions paid in an out of court settlement.

Many wrote:

@HEBabuOwino we are all sinners. There’s no big bigger sin or smaller sin. In my own capacity, in hereby vindicate you. Never ever attempt murder again.

Winston wrote:

You failed to congratulate your bank for hosting our looted money so you can sort your mess with it

Luhya said:

I used to judge you but realized everyone makes that irreversible mistake and forgiveness is key! I wish to take back all I tweeted about You and Dj Evolve.

Eva said:

The two of you went guns brazing…now its peace..take care of DJ Evolve and make him entirely your responsibility

Kahoro said:

Heavenly justice will reign like thunder just watch these space…!

David commented:Just enjoy the impunity so long as it lasts!

Kim said:

May God bless you too and give you peace of mind. To Deejay Evolve, it shall be well.

Baba Norlan said:

Comrade na usirudie hii upuzi tena…I was mad at you when I heard about you shooting someone. Don’t ever involve yourself in such dark behaviors, it may ruin you future.

Johannes said:

Umelewa ata haujui chenye unaandika, then you still invoke death. What an idiot.

Tom claimed:

You both have shown that a bad start, a mistake doesn’t need to be the defining path in our lives. No matter how bad the situation is, through Faith in God and the humanity in us must guide us. Go ahead and serve diligently

Mnyamwezi said:

Kenya is now for the rich…look for money bro, otherwise you’ll be burnt alive on suspicion of having stolen someone’s chicken. I don’t care if it was fair or not, but I’m sure money was a big factor

Lilian commented:

Just a word of advice to you @HEBabuOwino , kindly remember to always stay in control, guard your tongue, utterances and always think before you act to avoid such an incident again.
Remember, your committment to this man always na usimuangushe coz his late mum is watching.

Otieno commented:

You are a disgrace to Luo men. A gun, bodyguards, and money doesn’t make you great. Only weaklings resort to violence when reasoning fails.

Orero wrote:

You could have thanked your lawyers privately, it’s disrespectful to the DJ who is a cabbage-ing in bed and might never recover. KARMA

Maina said:

You bought justice by corrupting everyone including buying off victims family…if it were poor person things will be totally different

Those are just some of the many angry comments Kenyans told him. It is like justice in Kenya is for the rich and the poor has no voice in the Kenyan justice system. What do you have to tell Babu Owino? Share with us below.

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