Eric Omondi Exposed

Comedian Eric Omondi has found himself on hot soup again a few days after he confirmed to Kenyans that indeed he owns the Karen house.

According to what is trending on the internet, the president of comedy in Africa has been exposed by blogger Edgar Obare.

According to what the blogger shared on his current instagram page that is BNNKE, he said that the property Eric Omondi claimed to be his is not his but belongs to someone else.

All things broke lose after an anonymous property dealer spoked to Edgar Obare. The dealer revealed that leafy suburbs like Karen falls under properties that are not issued with title deeds but certificates of title. He said:

In Kenya we have two types of ownerships: freehold and leasehold. Most of Nairobi areas including Karen falls under leaseholds. And they don’t have their titles written as title deeds but certificate of title.

He said that if you have a property in Nairobi you are not issued with a title deed but rather a certificate of title.

He said:

These last two are Written TitleDeeds and fall under freehold which is mostly in areas out of Nairobi. Omondi is lying kabisa.What he is holding sio title ya Karen or any place around Nairobi labda Kamulu ama Isinya, He should know Nairobi people are exposed before he tells reckless liesTknow what ‘m saying coz I have done several land subdivisions in Karen

This means that if you have a property our of Nairobi, you are likely to be issued a title deed while those with properties within the city are given certificate of title. The Nairobi properties certificates of title are not written title deeds.

What do you think about this. We’re we fooled by the comedian?

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