Yesterday the Kenya Films Commission boss Timothy Owase unveiled the kalasha awards 2021 winners list.

Kalasha Awards 2021 winners list was unveiled at Safari Park Hotel has seen several celebrities bagging the bags of awards and are you eager to know who went home with what? Let’s get into it.

Present during the reveal of the Kalasha Awards 2021 winners list were Jerome Ochieng’ who is the Principal Secretary, State Department of Innovation.

Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs was also present. He applauded the KFC for their hardwork commitment towards supporting the Kenyan art industry.

Kalasha awards 2021 winner, Sarah Hassan and more
Photo: Sarah
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In the lucky Kalasha Awards 2021 winners list were non other than:

1. Mawuli Gavor

He won the Best Lead Actor in a Film: Just in Time

2. Judy Kibinge

She become the winner of, Best Life Achiever.

3. King Muriuki

The XYX Show by King Muriuki won the Best TV Comedy of the year becoming among the Kalasha Awards 2021 winners list.

4. Kelvin Muriithi

Beautiful Eyes by Kelvin Muriithi won the Best Documentary by a Student.

5. USIU Africa

House of Secrets (USIU) by USIU Africa won the Best Feature by a Student.

6. Sarah Hassan

Sarah Hassan in Just in Time won the Best Lead Actress in a Film.
She also grabbed Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama as (Detective Makena) in Crime and Justice.

7. John Ndegwa

Best Supporting Actor in a Film: John Ndegwa in Kutu won non other than Best Supporting Actor in a Film.

8. Catherine Kamau

Catherine Kamau in Kutu won non other than Best Supporting Actress in a Film.

9. Kelvin Osoo

Kelvin Osoo in House of Secrets manged to go home with Best Sound Designer.

10. Karanja Kiarie

Karanja Kiarie in Crossroads smiled all the way to home with Best Original Score.

11. Ngendo Mukii

Kesho Pia Ni Siku by Ngendo Mukii won the Best Documentary.

12. Faith Musembi

Best Editor was won by non other than Faith Musembi in Tales of the Accidental City.

13. Walter Odhiambo

Walter Odhiambo in Adisa won Best Lighting Technician.

14. Philip Kesenwa and Paul Jackton

Best Special Effects was won by non other than Philip Kesenwa and Paul Jackton in Mission to Rescue.

15. Dennis Humprey

Dennis Humprey in Fikirini walked away with Best Original Screenplay.

16. Sarah Hassan and Dolabo Adelele

Best Feature Film was won by non other than Just in Time by Sarah Hassan and Dolabo Adelele.

17. Yoseph Baye

Best International Award of Eastern Africa was won with non other than Egna (Ethiopia) by Yoseph Baye.

18. Susan Njoki

Bururi wa Ciana by Susan Njoki managed to bag away Best Kids Production.

19. Shawn Mwendwa

Best Animation was scooped by non other than animation guru Mondays and Fridays by Shawn Mwendwa.

20. Copia

The Copia company managed to walk home with Best TV Advertisement.

21. Abigael Wariaga

Abigael Wariaga Is a of (Captain Abby) in Bururi wa Ciana smiled home with Best Host in a TV Show.

22. Njoro WA Uba

Njoro wa Uba by Lucy Mwangi won Best TV Drama.

23. Frank Kimani (Mr Wang’ombe)

Best Performance in a TV Comedy was won by non other than Frank Kimani (Mr Wang’ombe) in Varshita.

24. KU TV

KU TV scooped Kituo Halisi Award.

25. Joe Kinywa (Njoro)

Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama was won by Joe Kinywa (Njoro) in Njoro wa Uba.

26. Harrison Mutinda

Best Production Designer was scooped by non other than Harrison Mutinda in Mission to Rescue.

27. Michelle Donde and Steph Sevani

Best Director was bagged by Michelle Donde and Steph Sevani in House of Secrets.

28. Fikirini

Best Local Language Film was bagged by guess who? Fikirini by Dennis Humphrey

29.Peter Wangugi

Kutu by Peter Wangugi won the Best Short Film.

30. Ryan Tenga

Closing our list is Ryana Tenga he won the Best Director of Photography in Teleport.

So those are among the top winner of Kalasha Awards 2021 winners full list.

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