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Mungai Eve Critised After This Happened

After a safe landing in Mombasa Kenya and an array of interviews from media outlets fans could not take more of Mungai Eve when it comes to how she approaches her boyfriend Director Trevor.

Remember Mungai Eve’s boyfriend doubles up also as her cameraman and it it not a secret that every video he produces is a yes to fans.

But who are fans if they are not there to put you in direction. If you are an acid follower of Mungai Eve and you have been following her interviews you can figure out why fans are recently mad at her when it comes on how she exposes her love life to public.

So yesterday the duo were celebrating their first anniversary and fans really came out with more and more congratulations messages for them but guess what?

During the duo’s interview with media outlets fans noticed that Mungai Eve was not giving her boyfriend a chance to explain himself and in fact, she will answer questions which was meant for her boyfriend.

She would conquer most interview questions including those meant for her boyfriend to answer and you can imagine Director Trevor not being able to respond.

A section of users got mad at Mungai Eve not only on how she responds to almost all questions that are not meant for her but also how she exposes the weakness of her boyfriend in public.

Netizens had these to say:

Awi Raps said: Eve Trevor loves you.. Happy anniversary..if you must criticise him kindly don’t do it in public and always Sandwich Criticism with Praise…remember the man is the Head of the home and he deserves respect…there are things you should not say in public…kindly

Dark said:

I like Trevor’s new look, and I wish you both a happy anniversary.

Margaret Njuguna • said:

Mungai Eve I see you have great content but I hope you read the comments here. A MAN WHO HAS PUSHED YOU TO BE WHERE YOU ARE NOW NEEDS MUCH MORE RESPECT THAN YOU GIVE TREVOR. I think whenever you are with him and if you acknowledge him let him take the lead people already know you so if you let others shine this being Trevor it will not dim your candle. Please respect that man and you don’t have to respond at
every answer he gives it’s not right.

Kevin Ogola said:

Tip for Mungai: Correct Trevor in private. Just support him in public even if it means lying to us. Please don’t crush his ego in public.

James said:

Even is young and is still learning. Remember when she received the phone, she didn’t even say thank you or appreciated him for the gift. She’s still learning

Mungai Eve and Boyfriend Trevor
Photo: Mungai Eve
Source: instagram

Marion Jones said:

Trevor is so cool… I think he’s mature enough by the looks of
things happy anniversary to you

willy kaduka said:
anniversary to you guys, but eve pls stop harassing trevor in public unafanya awe na low esteem pia watu wengine watamdharau huko inje…always protect your man and support him in public and correct him in private


Yes it’s wrong to embarass anyone in public like that,if you want a change in behaviour correct in private n give praise in public and still this is your man my little sister he deserves some respect ndio akuwe na self esteem my thoughts you need a mentor or just a guide as you grow to protect your brand

@Oketch said: These are things we learn from our parents..upbringing..and associations…the Church also plays a key it.

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