Things Your Woman would love you to do for her, but will never tell you.

There are so many things that that women love their men to do for them but they don’t like telling them because of various things also being seen as a disturbing woman.

Most lucky men who knows this are really loved and thanked by their women forever. This top 7 things that a woman loves to experience from a man are:

1. Introducing her to your parents and friends.

Most women don’t like to be hidden all they want is to be introduced and even associate with your close family and friends so that they feel they are secure.



2. Buying her a gift.

Buying for a woman a gift, something tangible anything, can be a gown, necklace, earrings, shoes, bag, a phone, a chocolate or anything of your interest that you feel she likes will increase the sweetness in your relationship and make her fall for you forever.

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3. They Want Brave Men.

Women loves men who can protect them in times of unexpected circumstances. Someone whom they feels safe to be around with.

This will make her feel she has two men in one by being masculine and brave. Some men are always more fearful than the women they marry and this makes a woman feels like she was married to another woman.

Now two fearful women in the house. They say when a man’s deep voice is heard in the house everyone will distance himself or herself from the home if they had some bad intentions.

4. They want their men to look clean everytime.

Most women lives when their men looks neat all the time and everywhere you go she will be happy to see her man look neat.

Your appearance has meaning everytime. And every time she will be happy to see you very neat and handsome so that she can be proud of you and will have pride when she is talking of you with friends or family.

5. She wants you to be caring always.

She will love to have a man who cares all the time. Women are creatures who have feelings all the time and everytime she will love to have the feeling of being loved by her man.

One time you can do that is showing her that you love her and really cares about her. Forever she won’t leave you.

6. Being touched.

Being touched with a loved one is different from being touched by other people.

She will live to be touched to feel the closeness between you two as a couple or lovers. You can do that by touching her hands, kissing her on the cheeks, on the forehead and all the time, you will always be someone special for her.

7. Financial Assistance.

Most women who love their men truly, always sees it very hard to ask their men for money or financial assistance. Why? Because she don’t want to appear as cheap or a gold digger in front of her man.

This makes them to keep silent on most of their wants. But if you’re a man and you truly love your woman, send her money without any reason if you can do that.

But if you don’t have that possibility, make her feel that you want her to feel comfortable and she will live you and respect you forever.

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