87 Year Old Man Plans His Own Burial

87 Year old buys casket plans to prepare a burial place

A man in Busia county has surprised residents after he did what none expected.The 87 year old bought his own casket which he wants to be buried in when he dies.

Aloise Otieng’i Ominang’ombe from Teso claimed that he wanted to educate fellow Tesonians. In his reference he claimed that when one is hungry no9 one give him food, when he is walking naked no one cares about buying cloths but when he dies people will contribute to buy expensive suits and casket.
87  year old man

The 87 year old man who is also a family man of 13 children stated that he urges Teso people to help their parents when they are old because it is the same parents who educated them and made them successful people. So far Aloise have bought 3 caskets one was in 2009 and the latest one which costed him KSh 50,000. The man plans to prepare his burial place.

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