Exclusive : What happens when A Queen Dies? Let’s Find Out 2022

queen Elizabeth II

What happens when A Queen Dies? Let’s Find Out

Do you know what Usually happens when? Does Queen die? Well, some of you may not know also neither do I know. But let’s find out what happens during this period. Did you know Queen Elizabeth II has been alive for more than ninety- five years and she’s held the crown for more than half? This makes her the longest reigning monarch in the history of the world.

Queen Elizabeth II lived through over a dozen British high ministers, fourteen us presidents, and twenty summer Olympics. Queen Elizabeth II was 96 until her death knocked. That is kinda a long live life that’s like a life well lived. Let’s talk about the incommunicable, the day London bridge will fall.

Flashback this isn’t the concrete bridge though it’s just another interesting story in itself operation London bridge is the not-so-secret plan for the united area when the queen dies. When the queen dies the house of Windsor and the palace will go into super overdrive.

On the day of her death known as D- Day, the queen’s private clerk will call the high minister and say the words” London ground is down” the news will also go out to the fifteen governments or the queen is also the head of state after that the thirty- eight other Nations of the state will not.

A news flash will be set by the UK press association and media all over the world at the BBC an alarm for national emergencies will be activated so rarely uses that numerous of them stopped and do not indeed know what it sounds like. now all anchors will wear black and the usual read logo will go black as well.

At the same time, a man dressed in black will hang a sign on the progeny outside Buckingham palace. The royal’s website will also post the same message whatever that ends up being.

All the flags will be lowered to half staff and bells will ring incontinently after her end. Her son Charles will unofficially come king he will make his first speech as head of state that evening this is the plan if she dies in London. But no need to fret if she passes away they have still got it planned out to a team. The day after the queen’s death the flags will be raised again and at 1100 am sharp.

Charles will officially become king he may or may not choose to stick with the name Charles and his lady Camilla will become queen per Elizabeth’s request. He’ll also tour the UK to Edinburg Belfast and Cardiff to attend services honoring his mommy. meanwhile, Westminster hall is closed for cleaning and burial preparations.

4 days after her death there will be a procession from Buckingham palace to Westminster hall where she’ll line state for the next four days. important people will be able to visit her first and also normal people. the house will be expecting half a million people to visit there in her casket.

There will be a burial and also on the ninth day, his funeral day at 900 am the bells covered in leather pads will ring muffled tones. The casket will be carried to Westminster Abbey and the burial begin at 1100 am. assuming the epidemic will allow two thousand guests will attend and the rest of the world to watch their TVs.

queen Elizabeth II

Everything will be shown except for the world’s faces during prayer. After the burial, the queen will go to Windsor castle where she’ll be buried next to her man prince Philip and her father king George VI. God save the queen. They won’t be crying on the streets for the death of the queen. the peers will be shed and people will feel a moment to an end.

The brits overwhelmingly love the queen and the queen loves them she pledged to devote her whole life to them. Whatever they liked the traditional but they like is attachment. They like their history and she’s living link to the history book changes hard and no one is looking forward to this day no matter how inevitable it is.

But one thing’s for sure it will just be a phenomenal ten days of pomp and circumstance. I mean they have designed it that way and that’s the genius of this house of Windsor in this monarchy right that they know how to put on a good show