Sad: Boycott Adidas: Adidas Confirms Nolonger Partner With Kurt Zouma Because Of A Cat

Adidas in the background Photo: Courtesy Source: UGC

Adidas Confirms This

Boycott Adidas is currently the trending hashtags on Twitter. Buy why? Kurt Zouma messed up things!

If you are an avid user of social media then this is not new to you. A viral video of West Ham defender  Zouma emerged.

In the video the West Ham defender is seen kicking his cats and chasing them all over the house.

This video has seen the coming up of different options from netizens with some condemning Zouma while some being with him.

One of his main sponsors have withdrawn its contract with the defender and are nolonger in partnership with him.

Adidas have confirmed  Zouma is no longer a contracted athlete after a disturbing video emerged of him hitting, dropping, and kicking his pet across his kitchen floor on Monday.

Adidas withdrawing its contract with Zouma has made most people angry with some reacting this way:

This user said:
If only black people were treated as cats in England, I swear Racism could have come come to an end but unfortunately #CatsLivesMatter more than #BlackLivesMatter What Zouma did was wrong but what adidas did in return was worse #WOLARS #BoycottAdidas

This one said:
Adidas were right to do what they did. Racism is far worse. But the problem is punishment for racism isn’t harsh enough. Not that Zouma’s treatment is too harsh.

Another one said:
nah bro this isnt about racism. my question is- had he kicked another man like that, would there be this much trouble? i hate all types of violence but only once people take serious is when its an animal or woman. we should all stamp out violence of all kind!

Adidas in the background
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

This user said:
Black player if not all players worldwide should wake up and fight for zuma… first they stole lewis hamilton win in plain sight… now its zuma tummorrow is you …. stay woke.

This one said:
21st Century slavery!!! Where are other black players? are y’all scared to speak up? Thank you for speaking up Michail Antonio #BoycottAdidas #BlackLivesMatter.

And another one said:
Today it’s zouma tomorrow its your brother, sister or your kid Adidas are racist #BoycottAdidas #BlackLivesMatter.

This said:
#BlackLivesMatter #BoycottAdidas
and I do stand with Kurt.
A black man Kicks a cat and this is what he gets:
– Salary cut
– Fined £250,000
– Lost Adidas sponsorship
– May spend 4 years in prison
An entire career gone for kicking his cat? We can always do better!!

Most people have recalled what another footballer from Ghana said:
“I challenge you all African footballers to put money together with me to leave the Racist Europe and build stadiums in Africa and develop our youth. We have money we can build at least 5 world class stadium in each country and sign a petition that no players will be exported to Europe ever again. Here in Africa they will play under love of their sisters and brothers with no one singing racists chants on the stands against them. We are more talented. We can make our Champions League quality and our leagues. quality. We have great talent that is never appreciated Abroad,once said Mario Ballotelli



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