FAIL : Africa’s fastest Man, Ferdinand Omanyala fails to qualify for men’s 100m finals Because Of Joy Riders

Africa’s fastest Man, Ferdinand Omanyala fails to qualify for men’s 100m finals Because Of Joy Riders

Africa’s fastest Man, Ferdinand Omanyala fails to qualify for men’s 100m finals after finishing 5th in semifinals. The Kenyan born athlete was set to perform in Oregon and represent Kenya as well but all did not went well with him as he failed to qualify for the competition. While defending himself, angry Omanyala claimed that he got his visa late and this could not make him hit the record again and make Africa proud.

The Kenyan sprinter finished fifth in the World’s Athletics Championships in Oregon,United States. The 100m legend finished with a time lapse of 10.14seconds. But what could be the reason for his failure to win? Well, trending news about his failure has emerged as the directorate of criminal investigation have claimed that there were 32 joyriders who also applied to go and watch the athletics leading to late issuance of visa for Omanyala.

Among them was Cabinet Secretary for Sports Amina Mohammed’s daughter who is currently trending and topping the list of the joyriders. This is after a photo of the two, Omanyala the sprinter and the cabinets daughter emerged. The DCI is yet to list the 32 joyriders who led to Omanyala failing to win as he arrived less than 24hours to the competition place with no time to rest or train. Omanyala did his best by working hard to qualify for next round.

The daughter of Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed is among the 32 joyriders who travelled to the United States of America to attend the 2022 World Athletics Championships at the expense of Africa’s fastest man, Ferdinand Omanyala, who almost missed the competition.Amina’s daughter Firyal was slotted for the first batch that travelled out on Friday last week.

Meanwhile Kenyans are super bitter with the joyriders and here is what opinions our outlet collected from some of them.

This user said:
Kenyan sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala didn’t have a visa for worlds until yesterday. Flew from Nairobi to Doha to the U.S. Landed in Eugene about 3 hours ago. And still manages to advance to the semis tomorrow night.

Another said:
Africa’s fastest man, Ferdinand Omanyala, got his US visa 24 hrs before the race of his life. A flight from Kenya to Oregon is 18+ hrs. He has 3hrs after landing to clear customs, get to the arena, pick accreditation, warm up, then compete with the other (well-rested) athletes.

This angry one commented:
What happened to Ferdinand Omanyala is what happens to millions of Kenyans every single day when Kenya government officials are making decisions on who to prioritize. First fill their own stomachs, then family, friends, concubines, porcupines – then other Kenyans come last

And another one:

#The32Joyriders + Amina Mohammed daughter must spur Kenyans to vote wisely, avoid criminals like @WilliamsRuto who has been rejected in the whole country such that he returns to Mt Kenya. Kikuyus ask ourselves why is ICC crook Ruto camping on our Area?


This said:

Show me an achievement Amina Mohammed has achieved in the several ministries she has been in charge from Ministry of Education to Ministry of Sports. Name #The32JoyRiders

This one claimed:

Ministry of sports through Amina Mohammed must come out and explain how #The32Joyriders arrived in USA before #TeamKenya. We can’t sacrifice #Omanyala for busybodies who only care about themselves. Infact that ministry should be closed. They have really costed in #Oregon2022

This said:

CS Amina Mohammed has been the worst CS in Uhuru (a lame duck boss too). The world was right to reject her on her WTO quest to head it #The32Joyriders

Anyway what do you say?



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