Akothee: “I Wish To Be Engaged One Day.” Akothee Says.

Akothee: “I Wish To Be Engaged One Day.” Akothee Says.

On 15th August Sunday night, Rich Mitindo surprised the mother of his kids Jacklyne Wolper by engaging her. This was a positive story for most people who congratulated them. But guess what, a good thing will never lack negative energies.

There were also people who condemned it. It was like a dream for many people who has been in a long term relationship and in most cases they break up.

This also did not left the president of single mother’s herself. The business woman and Kenyan musician shared on her instagram the same photo of Wolper with Rich Mitindo on his one knee engaging Jacklyne.


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And she captioned it this way, “Siku kijana wa pharaoh atanifanya hivi Mimi sitaposti 🤣💃💃,nitaenda world tour Kwanza 🤔, nitarudi kuposti nikirudi 🤸🤸Ile furaha nitakuwa nayo ,hata simu nitapasua @wolperstylish huyu mume, bake mtoto wako wa Kwanza ,mtunze ,mdekeze ,akija nyumbani amechoka mpe massage 💋
Akitaka kwenda chooni angalia kama kuna tissue ,baby asiteseke . Ukiona ako na pressure kidogo mpe pesa hata kama ako Nazo,.🤣🤣
Yaani kwa upole ,wanaume wa Aina hiii ,hawako tena🤸, na kama wako basi ni wawili watatu.mtunze mumeo @richmitindo
Na wewe Baba P umecheza kama wewe . congratulations ,take care of your woman ,she is a flower ,maji,mbolea mchanga , utajua wewe

This is the message the mother of five cute kids said to the Tanzanian actresses. It seems there is a strong connection between Jacklyne and Akothee.

Jacklyne came on the comments saying this, “wolperstylish S4e6
au niite press bby
waaaaa i love u my friend u that
yah nakupenda na Asante sanaa
kwa upendo wakila siku nahayo
mashauri hapo nitayafwata
nakuyazidisha pia mana nataka
niweke pia mgongo akule naashibe chakula kikiwamgongoni”

From this post of her instagram page with over a million followers,many fans have came up to congratulate the duo and as usuall some have came to blast Akothee.

Akothee looking glamorous in pink.
Photo: Akothee
Source: Instagram

They told her she always celebrate people’s achievements in relationships yet her she has never been engaged. Everyone has had his to say on Akothee’s wall. This is not the first time the musician have been showing love to celebrities being engaged.


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