Model ALENA Yildiz claims to have been ‘uninvited’ from wedding after bride who is her best friend said she looked ‘too good’

German Model Alena Yildiz blocked from attending wedding

If you have a friend who is doing wedding soon and she invites you to her weeding, make sure you don’t look too good than her or else you will be our next topic like 31 year Germany model Alena Yildiz.

This is the case of Alena of Germany. The 21 year old beauty has become internet sensation after she posted a chilling video on her tiktok.

Alena claimed that she become uninvited by her friend to attend the wedding reason being that she looked too good than the bride herself.

Alena lamented that it is the same friend who helped her chose the gown she was to wear during the event.

“My close friend uninvited me to her wedding because she thought I looked too good in the dress she chose for me,” stated Alina.

She went ahead and claimed that she took some fire pictures in the so called wedding dress. “still took some hot pics in it though.”

Alena is currently the hot topic in the whole world as many media outlets are speaking about her.

Alena Yildiz looking cute Photo, courtesy

Here is what internet users had to say:

@safina3927said: Low-key looks like Ariana grande

@ayoznahk:SHE’S the one who chose the dress so she could’ve just asked you to change your dress instead of rudely uninviting you.

@meritx.a:It’s beyond me how people think anyone can „outshine“ the bride. They’re literally there for you

@tinaxkaur457:SHE’S the one who chose the dress. U not the problem bestie u look amazing

@anushamuhammad:Afghans appreciate when you go extra on their weddings cuz it shows you care you look stunning!

@kawtarinoooo:People who are saying she’s trying to outshine the bride clearly never been to an Arab/North African wedding btw u look fire girl!!!

@alexandrawitoslaw:Yes you look great in it… but honestly I understand your friend… I would respect it and pick another dress.. it’s her day and mean to outshine her.

@blue_phenix:Same. My “friend” since high school didn’t want me in her wedding party because she thought I’d outshine her 🤷🏻‍♀️insecure much?

Alena Yildiz
Alena Yildiz looking cute in the wedding dress
Photo: ALENA Yildiz
Source: instagram

@lomlgfder:What did she say when she uninvited you?

Alena Yildiz responded by saying that:

@alenayildiz:we argued about it on the phone and then she texted me that she doesn‘t want me to attend her wedding anymore

@demikaraa:she’s a hater i would want everyone attending my wedding looking like they’re coming to the met gala like you do

@fannieecortez:Doubt the bride would pick the same dress she was wearing for you to wear I call BS

@purp1eot7:I mean she kinda right u can’t come like that at my wedding and expect me not to run away with U, like at that point I’m marrying U

@tomiamill:This is literally how I want everyone pulling up to my wedding !!! Please dress to impress, y’all need rings next

@fahimaakhter35:Everyone saying “who could blame the bride” did you not read the sort when she said the bride picked HER DRESS?! It’s not her fault she looked good

@tami_atamy:As your friend, she should want you to look beautiful. If she was secure and confident, she wouldn’t feel intimidated at her own wedding. So sad.

@hyat.co:I would uninvited you too 😤 How disrespectful for you to look that amazing

Alena Yildiz tiktok
Alena Yildiz looking cute
Photo, courtesy

@love_yourself_f:she choose it at first for you to look bad but then she saw that you would make everything look good, she get mads

@according.to.heather:You look STUNNING . Ahahaha she’s wrong for what she did tho

@taltuluhh:Tbh I wouldn’t want u coming to my wedding either my husbands gonna start crying because he picked the wrong one

@lexisreality:I’d want all of my friends to dress up like they’re going to the met gala or red carpet

@hanako95:honestly i dont wanna marry but i wouldnt care if someone apparently outshines me at my wedding. i want everyone to have fun & feel pretty.

@kiarranorman:WOW…that’s insecurity if I’ve ever seen it. YOU LOOK STUNNINGGG

@maina_mal:Personally, let people dress to impress. Overshine me, go ahead Alaa, dress to KILL

@lattekookii:You should’ve popped up like, “ya she chose it! And didn’t want me here”

@xx_edits_xx1032:She was too scared ur gonna steal her man/woman LIKE SRSLY UR HELLA GORGEOUS IN THAT DRESS

@ennanotyourhabibi:You are so beautiful and gorgeous! Mashallah Allahouma Barek princess!

@alis.nzx:MY FRIENDS MUST MUST LOOK TO GOOD to my weedding as if they Can “outshine” me(bride). I would be angry if they didn’t look too good. No bad intension

@the_kilics0802:All of my bridesmaids looked bomb at my wedding! If my maid of honor (sister) wore this I would’ve loved it even more

@chatla_patla_aidee:poor girl just wanted to go to her friend’s wedding guys…..and she did everything she could,she gave her best and still… u deserve better angel

@beyzaturk.28:Girl ignore the haters LOL they don’t understand how our Turkish weddings work. Every1 looks stunning at our weddings, as do you

Alena Yildiz looking cute
Photo, courtesy

@alexandrawitoslaw:But I know she picked it, she probably didn’t know that it will look that good on you

@mar.y.perlas:Girllll you’re invited to my wedding and you can wear whatever you want . You look fire sissssss

@ahk2010:Wow what u expect u can’t b centre of attention at her wedding Beautiful

@seau_girl_55:The things people post for attention. I call B.S. Who even chooses a dress for a guest at their wedding? Enjoy your 15 minutes!

@cynthyalucia_:Was this really the reason or did you do things that you’re ignoring because it really sounds like a pick-me excuse

@we.are.all.mad.here13:same thing happened to me. she didn’t want me to have my hair and makeup @ done a certain way bc she didn’t want me to look better than her.

@hallscandy:Your beautiful, my Friend did the same thing to me. She changed the wedding date and location, I got to keep my gift which was 5000 cash

@livwhite14:I can’t believe you had to pay all that money too, that’s a big waste. I’m so sorry

@a_elizabeth2008:Um- did she think you’d look bad in it or something- I don’t think it’s possible- but you told goddess to a hole new level the dress is just a prop

@julz75ch:yep u do look amazing in that dress. and now u get to find some real friends

@_lillymoo:Bestie you looked absolutely fantastic but honestly I would do too if it were my wedding, you get to shine all the time let me shine this once babe

Alena Yildiz
Model ALENA Yildiz in her wedding dress
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

@luvchoc66:She looks gorgeous in that dress. That was not your friend to start with. She has insecurity issues.

@brotecito_katsudon:I would uninvite you too, you are too pretty. She knew you would understand.

@desireeplante1:@alenayildiz obviously jealous you are gorgeous and wasn’t a friend to do that to you shine shine

@fanaccout.for.myself:I’m uninvited from my sisters prom bc she’s too scared that I look too good…she’s not wrong but seriously

@sassysnail2:She could have been honest and just said girl do you mind wearing something else, you look so beautiful I don’t want to be out-shone. Uninviting you

@leanna3289:she is not your friend! Let’s start there!! She would appreciate your Beauty not be jealous of you if she was a friend

@igorarrobe0:To be fair you look like a goddess with that dress no wonder she feels treatned

@ximeparga:if you don’t want your friends to shine WITH you then why have friends at all

@chilid856:Beautiful. I read your article in Yahoo news. I feel your ex best friend may have always been insecure and jealous.

@chilid856:Beautiful. I read your article in Yahoo news. I feel your ex best friend may have always been insecure and jealous.

@liliadjb808:Close how? I think she just always felt threatened girl and finally revealed her true self

@fatima.mustafaalameri:You would’ve killed it no matter what dress you would wear, babe! You slay, Queen

Alena Yildiz looking cute
Photo, courtesy

@sincerewatts0:Giiiiirl you look fire she didn’t invite you cause she knew who she was messing with.

Those are just some of the comments tiktok users had to say to Alena Yildiz. With some criticism going to her best friend and some criticising Alena Yildiz beauty.

Alena Yildiz looked like a goddess. She would later take to her tiktok with a video thanking the world for being in her back.


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