AMAZING Willy Paul Responds To Rape Accusations of Diana Bahati, Says They Met ON 1 Instagram

Willy Paul claims he met Diana Bahati on Instagram

Yesterday date December 9 was a very tough moment for the Bahati’s and Willy Paul.

Diana Bahati decided to come out after a very longtime of silence where she accused singer Willy Paul of raping her.

According to Diana, Willy Paul had approached her where she was sitted and wanted to have a talk with her. And after refusal to let him come to her house for a talk since he was a stranger.

Willy Paul made the second move of asking Diana Bahati to enter his car so that they could have a talk. Which she accepted and entered so that they could have a talk since he was interested into her.

Diana claimed that after she entered Willy Paul drove off and at some point started touching her and even to her skirt and shirt in an attempt to rape her.

She made noise which caught Willy to panic and at this moment she got to escape for her dear life. Since that time she said she has been fearful to report since no one would believe her. So she made the secret to the limelight yesterday.

This came after Willy Willy released a Diss track mentioning Diana Bahati and her kids which was not goo to involve the kids in their feud.

So the same yesterday, after interview with radio maisha willy Paul came out to talk about this claims and according to him, he has never raped anyone in his life.

He claimed that they met with Diana on instagram and met the same day at Diana’s place at Great Wall Gardens.

Willy condemned Diana Bahati for faking it and that she should tell people the truth of what happened between them.

From Willy’s statement it seems the wto had something going on because he threatened to reach out to safaricom servers to find the database of them for evidence.

Here is what he said through a series of statements he posted:


I am shocked by the false and utterly defamatory allegations labeled against me by D my longtime friend, the same has injured my reputation as a l’arent, Father and Public Figure

Almighty I must say, It has taken years of pure hard work, determination and grace of A for me to be where I am today in n my Music career, I have mentored and natured many talents and have been a source of inspiration to many Young People

Many of you may not know my story because I choose to keep my life Private, I am not from a well to do family, when my father died of cancer, as a son. I was left to care for my family and to protect my mother and sisters from a very harsh and croel patriarchal society where women were seen as objects and lesser beings.

As a young boy my mother raised me, she protected me from harm and ensured I had something to eat before I went to school… when I came of age I owed everything to her I wanted to make mama proud.

Istruggled immediately after my high school I did music it didn’t go well until once more in life I found a woman who held my hand, I will eternally be grateful to Gloria Mulino, curtesy of her I was introduced into the limelight and ever since I have never looked back. How then can I disrespect women when all my life I have been made by women?

I got fame, but fame comes with its shares of challenges, I have had friends and foes in equal measure, in the years I have been in the music industry, I have experienced hate and love. My enemies want to bring me down, by dragging my name into the mud… But God has never forsaken me

To the Millions of fans who have always been my support system. who have stood by me through thick and thin from the very first time I released my first hit song. It is because of you I have had tremendous success and Won several local and international awards.

A tree that bears Fruit Will be stomed I had to developed a thack Skin, I changed my genre of Music from Gospel because of the hypocrisy deeply rooted in the industry, i have called out for artists for Buying views to seem accepted, I decided to go my own way, my enemies have always desired to have my reaction, So recently I have been under extreme attack from those very enemies who claim to be for the gospel but do not practice the teachings of Christ, I distaste them for it.

A few months ago a lady whom I deeply lovedd claimed that I sexually assaulted her because of the differences we had regarding some work we were doing together at the studio that was the first stone that managed to break my thick skin, I felt betrayed, I suffered depression and I am still under medication, I feel vulnerable, the matter is Active in court and I cannot comment further.

I was not surprised when one of my many enemies, D, Identified this vulnerability and capitalized on it, all aimed at destroying me and my career at my lowest points in life. She has pulled the gender card, that very card every women pulls to destroy a modern successful man, she wants to grow her new found music career, otherwise why would she show up with fictitious allegations, she resorted to using my name to scale the heights by pulling me down, By so doing she will be growing her brand, while fighting her husband’s long time enemy, Willy Paul. Killing two birds with one stone. Very Clever!

D’s Husband and I have had long standing feuds the General Public is well aware, it’s nothing personal between us, but our ideological differences has caused a drift. I do not subscribe to deception and the gospel of lies. The allegations of attempted rape by D are baseless and orchestrated to win public sympathy, D’s crocodile tears have served the purpose and the poor masses are buying to it. I believe B is behind the scenes using the wife to fight his battles.

Willy Paul, Diana Bahati
WILLY Paul and Diana Bahati
Photo: Courtesy

I have never assaulted anyone sexually, I have never engaged in a non-consensual sex with anyone, I was raised by a woman and I owe my whole career to a woman who held my hand when I was a naïve and on diapers in the industry.

The women in my life have always been my greatest inspiration some have given me Children, whom I treasure more than anything. I CANNOT and Will never assault a

woman sexually.

To my dear fans, I know, better than anyone! They will keep throwing stones. If somebody has to take a stone and throw it at you it takes a lot of effort, they are throwing it at you because you are of some value. You are a valuable target! Who would throw a stone at someone who is not worth anything? Unknowingly, unconsciously people know the fruit is valuable, so we have been stoned quite a bit but over the years many of those people have turned around and they are standing under the tree waiting for the fruit to fall into their mouth that is always how it is.

For those men and women judging me for being in a relationship that failed to materialize for one reason or another, I have no regrets, I am content with my decisions of terminating the relationships most of which were parasitic with no prospects.

I am a human and to man is to err…I may not have foreseen the end of my past relationships it is not every relationship we get into leads to something blissful and make us drip ecstasy like we would desire, in fame you attract all manner of people, every break-up is painful, more often the people we break up with experience withdrawal symptoms similar to those experienced by drug addicts, most try and move on, but some experience the desire to feed the cravings and vow not to leave without a bloodshed, vengeance is plotted against us and it gets acrimonious.

These ex’s of mine whom I once loved so much, will come forward with crocodile tears like D, curtesy of the drums of war beaten by D and B, they will play the favorite gender card, they will shed crocodile tears for relationships that ended five, six, or ten years ago, they will be handed a script by my enemies, they will be made to act and the camera will be rolling, the videos will be posted on YouTube for purposes of gaining views to earn them a few coins, and boost traffic to grow DY’s Career. We shall go to court and get Justice! Every Human as a Right to Dignity and that

Dignity Must be Protected! If we were to be charged for sexually assaulting our ex’s

with whom things did not turn out as expected, who among us boy child would still

have their freedom?

People must be at liberty to get in and out of relationships whenever they deem fit and

not accept to be intimidated. I have the messages of all the evidence that I need in

court. I seek the assistance of the Inspector General of Police and other authorities in

investigating all these allegations labelled against me. Even as I seek the redress of the

court in the defamation claims.

The TRUTH, SUN & MOON are never hidden long, Be patient as we get to the bottom of this. Pray for me. I know God is a Just God, I know It is a tough Fight, but this battle I leave it to God!

Thank You All! Pozze!

Those were the long statements of Willy Paul addressing Diana Bahati on the accused rape incident.

What if she is caught faking it? What if she lied being raped? Will she go back to re-watch her video of crying infront or camera? What will she tell people close to her.

Most people are thinking that since the family and Willy Paul are nit in good terms, Bahati might be using his wife to fight his enemy.

Here is what the commenter had to say:

Kevin Ogola. Said:

My bro, even if you hooked up with her long time ago, it was unfair to mention it. She is in limelight and many girls are looking up to her. Remember she is married now and she is a mother. You embarrassed her and she is now lying to protect herself. Just respect women and don’t pick a fight with any them. of

Tracy Njeri Wanjiru said:

Only you both and God knows the truth and no matter what the truth will come out

Jasmine West said:

Rape or attempted rape is a serious allegations. It’s not easy for some women to open up so how long she took to come out is not a big deal. Go to court and let evidence set you free.

Lynnet Myles said:
he can keep questioning why she is coming out now. Stupid little boy. It is not the first time he is accused of attempted rape
we wacha …kama hujui meaning ya kuwa accused nyamaza… Maybe hao madem ndio wanamrape

Winnie Karani said:
Willy you started this and the irony in it is that you saying before you do something think about the impact it has in someones life which you didn’t do ..people also depend on Dee

Healthy Space said:
No Judgement! Only God and the two of you knows what happened
Only the two of you can tell the whole truth… but why write a diss track to hurt someone’s feelings?!

Mariana said

Winnie Karani said:
Willy you started this and the irony in it is that you saying before you do something think nhout the impact it han in

Those are some or the many comments that poured in the comments section of Willy Paul.

Let’s not forget that Willy Paul has been in most occasions accused by women of siting a child with them or even being in an affair with them. Only for it to turn out that they were chasing for clout. Let’s see and wait what will happen between Willy Paul and Diana Bahati.

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