TikTok Challenge : 9 Year Old Dies After Trying Blackout Challenge

Blackout Challenge : Year Old Dies After Trying Tiktok Challenge

Blackout Challenge : Year Old Dies After Trying TikTok  Challenge

A family is counting loss of their loved one after trying  a TikTok  challenge from the famous TikTok app. Things are not the same at Arroyo family anymore. But why? The family lost their 9 year old daughter.

The family now wants to sue the app for the loss. Christal Arroyo who is the mother of the 9 year old Arriani says things are now hard for them since losing their daughter Arriani.

The parents of Arriani came to educate parent about the TikTok  challenge that cost them their daughter. The blackout TikTok challenge is where one choke him/herself until they pass out.

The girl tried the challenge last February. After the family filed a lawsuit against the app, its spokesperson claimed that the challenge was only there for three days and have never been a part of TikTok trend.

“We remain vigilant in our commitment to user safety and would immediately remove related content if found. Our deepest sympathies go out to the family for their tragic loss.” said TikTok Spokesperson

TikTok Challenge
Arriani and other victims of the #blackoutchallenge
Photo: Courtesy

Arriani is not only the kid who has demised after the challenge. Last year 8 year old from Texas was also found dead after creating the video. Another 10 yer old died in December after attempting the challenge. For the family they are planning to live their lives honoring their daughter.

TikTok Challenge  “Blackout Challenge” was sued for causing children in US to die by emulating its dangerous behavior. Lawyers for the families of Lalani Walton,8,and Arriani Arroyo,9, recently filed a lawsuit demanding Tiktok be held liable for distributing the dangerous video.

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