Bridget Achieng In celebrations of Edgar’s brother arrest

They say that never insult a person who helped you, you never know if the same problem will befell you and you’ll find yourself in the same hands you insulted. So guess what? It’s fire burning on the web.

Just after Edgar Obare announced that his brother has been kidnapped. There are those who were with him while there were those who were infact, celebrating the kidnapping. And this has included celeb Bridget Achieng.

So Bridget Achieng took to instagram to celebrate the kidnapping of Edgar Obare’s brother. According to Bridget, there is one way which blogger Edgar has broken so many people’s family. And to her the incident of his brother’s kidnap was like a karma to him.




She said that whatever Edgar has been exposing throughout the years on his social pages has left some families torn and this was like a payment. This is the caption she posted,

What you put on your post is true, even though not many will agree, you cannot be tarnishing people’s image/brand and expect everyone to stand by you. Great piece🙏😫 , this nigga has brainwashed alot of kenyans waaah , enyewe udaku haitaki uvivu, you put your whole life and family life at risk but for what?? Mimi nimeshazoea there’s nothing to break again …kuongelelewa nayo tulishazoea…you eat through people tears EDGAR OBARE it shall never be well with you …..if you want post me from today till next year …i will still be praying …. None of your wafuasi will be there for you when real shit hits home wise and get a real job , not from breaking homes ati ‘Whistle blower ‘

To her she is just thanking God for paying Edgar Obare and his family. Remember just a few hours ago, this blogger posted on his social media that his brother was arrested by unknown people who started torturing him with a mission to know where Edgar Obare is.

Also recently, trouble began for Edgar after he started exposing the wash wash cartels who are living large with illegal businesses in the name of being elite business men who worked hard for what they are living in.

A few day ago his instagram account was hacked. And it hasn’t yet return. Now it’s his brother. Who would be behind all this. Perhaps the angry wash wash cartels who may be wants to shut him forever.

This cartels wants to know where is Edgar Obare exposing them from? But why Bridget so happy. If you can remember a few months back, there was a dirty video of Bridget Achieng doing rounds on social media and it was exposed by non other than Edgar Obare.

And the socialite blamed this blogger for exposing her dirty video to millions of Kenyans online. And this is where the enemity between this two started. In a video which Bridget went live after the sex scandal, remember she was so bitter that she told Edgar “and you will pay for it.”

Bridget Achieng
Blogger Edgar Obare and socialite Bridget Achieng
Source: instagram

Bridget Achieng said she will fast for 7 days just for God to fight for her and among the enemies God was to fight was non other than Edgar Obare. So according to her its like God has answered her prayers and that’s why she is celebrating than comforting Edgar. What do you think about Bridget Achieng’s remarks. Share below.


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