Brown Mauzo Draws Vera’s Tattoo On His Body

Brown Mauzo Draws Vera’s Tattoo On His Body

It has been for a long period since we knew Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo as a couple. Since they started their relationship they have been putting all their love life open to the public to see.

By know you should know that Vera Sidika is actually pregnant with a baby girl and is expecting soon. Being so much in love with his wife and mother of his daughter to be, Brown went to an extent of releasing a song dubbed Utanizalia.

This was for the sake of Vera Sidika and note that in this video Vera was herself was used as the Video vixen just after they did a baby shower.

It seems love is really growing strong daily, just recently the two were celebrating their anniversary of 1 year for being in a relationship as a husband and wife and guess what, to show more love to his queen Brown Mauzo has decided to draw a tattoo of Vera Sidika’s name on all his hands.


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He confirmed this his instagram page after posting a video showing a tattoo being drawing and he captioned it quote, “the love i have for my wife, i have decided to draw a tattoo of her names in my hands.This is for you babe” and he tagged his wife Vera. “He then wrote i love you so much.”

Brown Mauzo
Singer Broen Mauzo showing off Vera Sidika’s Tattoos
Credit: Brown Mauzo

Vera Sidika then came and commented, “Oh baby you have decided to go through pain for just my sake. I love you so much.” It didn’t end there, Brown Mauzo posted a picture now showing all the tattoos on his hand bearing Vera Sidika’s names.

He then captioned it quote, “for the love of my wife, my one and only @verasidika”

Many fans came out to say congrats with a big percentage applauding him for the choice he took telling him that its love and he is not the first one to do that while as usual, some came through to say the Kenyan way, “mutaachana tu” meaning you will just divorce, it won’t last.

This was because there were the likes of Otile Brown and others but they finally went separate ways. Vera took the picture and video and posted on her wall and said how her man have drawn a tattoo bearing her name. And that, she had nothing to say.

As usuall some fans have applauded her husband while some threw their jabs on them. There is a fan who went ahead and told her her husband should have just put Vera so that incase they split up, he would add “Aloe” and it be Aloe Vera.


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