Netizens Reacts To 1 Viral Painful Calf Pulling Video. Terms It As Inhumane!

Calf Pulling Technology in real life.

It is always said that without technology most things would have been moving too slow than expected. With new technologies, a lot have been done and it is no surprise that technology is taking the better part of real life situations. Like this of calf pulling technology that caught man’s attention.

Despite making things go faster as needed, the same technology has been condemned most so when it comes things to do with real life situations that are expected to be normal.

Calf Pulling Technology

A viral calf pulling video showing a calf being pulled has decided netizens on the internet with many claiming it’s inhumane while some claim it is awesome.

In the video a vet is seen pulling a newly being birthed calf out if a cow. And what caught people’s attention is the fact that the vet in charge of it was pulling it out by force.

Angry netizens

Most social media users claimed that it is inhumane to do such acts to breathing animals even if it means technology. The vet was calf  pulling and from the looks of things in the calf pulling video, the cow was experiencing much pain compared to if it had given birth normally.

Some claimed that the calf was dead while some claimed that the vet was not fit enough to handle the expectant cow with humanity.

Starnikes Entertainment compiled a few comments from viewers who watched the viral calf pulling video and this is what they said:

Rita said:
I do not accept so much evil for these beautiful little animals may God have mercy for humanity

Ivan said:

Alinda Brenda claimed:
This method seems to be more painful than the natural one. God have mercy!!!

Calf Pulling
A screen grab of the viral calf pulling video
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

BM said:
like a mechanic who repairs his engine it’s a shame what you do with this wonderful and nice creature.

Holly Stahly claimed:
In the first calf pull, I would fire that Vet. He didn’t work with the cow’s labor, he just was bitterly ripping the calf out of her. Causing more pain and suffering, plus stress on the calf

Rosemeire said:
Guys, this is absurd (angry) doing this to the poor cow,(Cries)imagine the pain she is feeling
You have to let the crowdfunding give birth normally

Marilena said:
My God what horror! Too sad, even cows can’t give birth in peace, the normal way it should be.

Rivas claimed:
Whoops! MY GOD!
How cruel indolent
and the children watching that
It made me want to cry as they induced the cow to give birth.

Margarida said:
How can you put a being like this to do that to an animal without the slightest care mercy my God.

Jucelio said:
How cows suffer…at the hands of these robot men…They have feelings..they are lives

Marita Diaz had this to say:
How unfortunate how he makes these little animals suffer in that way before these perverse human beings don’t take his little son out with his womb, my God what suffering may God remove this kind of people from the soul of these poor innocent beings it makes me very sad to see this (Cries)

Connie Hale claimed :
This would be a huge pressure on calf an mother, allowing to happen naturally an with much more ease would make a difference, disturbing for me to know that this is happening. I understand if problems occur intervention needs to take place.

Francisco claimed :
The calf was dead. If he had not been removed, the cow would have died. I once saw this done as a last option before euthanizing the cow and luckily the cow survived.

James C said:
What was the purpose of pulling that calf? Was it still born or what? I worked on dairy farms and never seen that kind of treatment before.,please explain that behavior to me.

Miriam Perez said:
This modern life is ugly, mechanical and without feeling or respect towards the animal. In the case of the cow, what do you see, the calf was dead.

When this state is reached, the calf is docked and a cesarean section cannot be performed. My grandfather had a farm for Holando cows.

And I saw more than 1 time that they tied the legs of the calf to a horse to be able to take it out. Because when he is dead he does not force himself to leave and the cow is exhausted and no longer bids for the expulsion.

Otherwise the cow dies. Now there is more veterinarian and I think that this video could be avoided. I think it was more like a show, I didn’t like seeing this at all if the cow could see been assisted before reaching this aberration to give a Show (Cries)

Those were some but of the many comments that came in in the calf pulling video. Do you think calf pulling technology is the best for cows delivering? Share your thoughts below.



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