Cardi B and Husband Offset Celebrates 1 year old son Wave’s Birthday in Lavish Party

Cardi B

Cardi B and Husband Offset Celebrates 1-year-old son Wave’s Birthday in Lavish Party

The summer’s hottest party for a one-year-old. it’s Cardi B and offset son Wave’s birthday bash. Cardi B takes fans inside the car to celebrate on her Instagram story. The little one makes quite the entrance and rides in style things to his hand. this might be too cute to handle

And there’s plenty to go around for the special guests as elaborate desserts, car races, him some pretty epic food stations. After leftovers after left, that kind of whenever there’s doesn’t on the leftover. Meanwhile, offset cheers a sweet moment from the hospital when he was born
waves big party says culture makes the party a true family affair

Back in July culture was treated to an equally lavish beat a batch.” sometimes I didn’t want to tell people how beautiful how crazy she is so precious seriously. Cardi B tells it these extravagant celebrations aren’t just to show off as she explains on Twitter, “I know I can be a
little extra when it comes to my kids but I ain’t had it grow it up so yeah I’m a ball.”