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Chelsea Boss Asks For £1Million Loan To Remain Afloat

Chelsea Boss Roman Abrovich

Former Chelsea boss Roman Abrovich has find himself in the hard part of life after the ongoing Ukraine invasion pushed him and his property to the higher end of living.

You can ask yourself if the rich aslo borrow loans but my sister, yes they do and infact they have huge ones. You might be wondering there if you are the only one on earth who has loans left right and centre but you’re not alone.

The Russian billionaire and Chelsea boss had to look for ways to survive after his massive wealth were all frozen by the UK government in their crackdown to Russian oligarchs connected to Vladimir Putin on the Ukraine invasion.

The crackdown has seen most Russian billionaires sanctioned over the ongoing war in Ukraine which has left most in casualities or dead.

The 55 year old Chelsea boss funds were frozen and it seems the Chelsea boss can’t make ends meet and this has forced him to turn to his mega-celebrity billionaire for financial aid amounting to £ 1Million to keep him afloat.

Remember before and after the sanction, Roman claimed that he had no ties with Russian president and are not related in any way, which he still persists.

Chelsea Boss

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