Chimano Sauti Sol Has left many netizens tongues wowed after he said this to Bien.

Chimano Sauti Sol Posts this

Being born and having the chance to celebrate a birthday is always a gift. Most so when you have people who can help you celebrate the birthday with you. But if they celebrate it badly like Chimano Sauti Sol, then guess what?

So on 29th December was Sauti Sol’s Bien’s birthday and it was really a big day for him as many friends and fans came through to wish him a happy birthday.

Different celebrities also came to with Bien a happy birthday. Among them was non other than Chimano Sauti sol. Chimano Sauti sol. is Bien’s former band mate and a good friend since they have been in the band for a long period of time before they parted ways.

Chimano Sauti sol. came through and wished Bien a happy birthday and what he said did not went well with many fans including me reading this.

Chimano Sauti Sol
Bien of Sauti Sol
Photo: Courtesy

Imagine Chimano Sauti sol called Sauti Sol’s Bien love of his life? To call someone love of your life it means to some people that you have been in a relationship with this person.

Chimano Sauti Sol as gay calling a fellow man, a married one love of his life did not go well with Kenyans who msot of them condemned him for being gay. Now he called Bien love of his life. Most wondered if the duo had enjoyed the back apple.


Chimano Sauti Sol
Chimano Sauti Sol of Sauti Sol band group
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

The recently publiced gay guy came and posted :

Happy birthday to the love of my life! @bienaimesol Love you to the moon and back infinity!

These Chimano Sauti Sol words did not go well with a section of Kenyans despite some supporting him and these netizens had these to say:

Kibet said:
Mimi mwanaume akiniambia the love of my life tunakosana vibaya sana.
This kind of joke is unacceptable.

Eddy said:
Mashoga hukua extra

Bornny said:
Buana in his head he thinks he is a woman. Nikama hajawai jiangalia uko chini

Kamoh said:
I was wondering mbona sauti soul wamestick together for that long then I remembered kuna chimano na stik in the same sentence

Joe said:
Alaaah love of your life khandii

Omondi said:
Hawa waluhya Vipara watatuonyesha mambo. AWUORO!

Nick said:
The guy is married wacha ujinga na ushetani zako

Shillah said:
I love him too but as a brother… happy birthday Muyayi weru.

Odhis said:
Shida ya kukuwa gay unaonanga kila mwanaume ka dem.
Aty the “love of my life” nauza kukulima mangumi…

Gits said:
Oh,look!a thread full of toxic masculinity…the village mentality is real.

Kenyan pimp said:
Aye my g watch your mouth now lol

Liberal said:
(laughs) kumbe this bald nigga ni kama hutap ass ya huyu fag chini ya maji

Kiprono said:
The “sauti” you make when that stick enters your “sol” from the rear! (disgusted)

Mulei had this to tell Chimano Sauti Sol:
Love of ur heart and you are referring to a fellow man

Smith said:
I divorced my wife to follow you and our Gal Chimano…Happy birthday.

Ririe said:
Bald men give the best head Happiest birthday Bien.. we love you

Rotten generation Nkt ati love of your life any way happy birthday to him

Jones said:
Chimano not today please!!🙅‍♀️Let us wish our bae a happy birthday in peace.

Akinyi commented:
The first kenyan man to call his fellow man the love of my life. King Solomon is not happy wherever he is at all. Anyway happy birthday Chimano’s bae

Maria said:
Happy birthday to Bien the bald man and other bald men who have birthday we love you to the moon and back

Peris said:
Happiest birthday Bien… your boot activities non of my business!

Sumba said:
Happy birthday Bien anyway hapo kwa love of your life unatushtua,you are the reason why many ladies are single and many are clinging to one man

Snr said:
A simple free condom could have saved your families and parents this great shame. Anyway happy birthday to you.

Blessed said:
Am resigning my job to google what the love of my life means anyway Happy Birthday

Collins said:
Chimano you have really suffered.

Jame kogi said:
I have read your post 5 times and still do NOT understand why you used the words love of my life, anyway happy birthday Bien

Biwot commented:
Happy birthday chimamos bae, whatever you do with your butt is non of my business

Margaret said:
When Bien and Chichi said they’re in an open relationship, what did you expect?It doesn’t concern me nimechoka, sikuumba mtu so I’ll mind my business. Happy birthday Bien Tumechoka bana, fanyeni vile mnataka alaar!

Jovial said:
So this tall dark and handsome is just gone like that,….wee Kenyan ladies just force to sleep, things have gone south

Joy said:
Happy birthday kipara
Our gal chimamo from Nairobi sewerage company loves you

Franc said:
Mashoga nyinyi, yaani mnafunza nini our youths who look up on you as role models?I think these people should now be deported to hell right away, Matiang’i ako wapi afanye ile kitu yake??

Agade said:
If our parents decided to go this route, the alphabet community would not get any humans to turn into mongrels. Today they are here shouting because a man and a woman somewhere decided to be as natural as they were created and give birth. Otherwise the human race is facing extinction as it is. Sad.

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