Wueeh! Man Builds Concrete Bed In Viral Post

See the newest concrete bed in the making

Sema Wueeh. An unidentified man has just set the social media ablaze with mixed reactions towards his newly invented technique of saving the earth from wood destruction to make furniture. Making a concrete bed can you imagine.

In the post the man is seen making a designed concrete bed made of cement, kokoto, and stones to make it worse it’s in the house that means it’s gonna be a permanent one. Can you imagine that one.

No more worries to buy a wooden or metal  bed and of course a big one. One time making one  concrete bed will surely save this man the budget. In fact the bed can persevere in times of danger like fire outbreak. The only thing he might loose is the mattress just in case anything goes wrong in future.

But the fact that he brought this idea not all welcomed it in a good way. Some have claimed that despite being a good idea the man will surely suffer from total cold from tough durable and stable bed. It is not those typical beds of chikichaka, but you know what I mean right? Mmmm good.

concrete bed

Our outlet had to take a grab of some of the comments and here they are:

This user said:
It’s a good idea. But if I can’t afford the Normal bed, I will be very comfortable on the Floor than on this type. I don’t want to think that I’m dead already!!!

Another said:
You are likely to get pneumonia due to the very cold surfaces, especially if you do not insulate the surfaces well.

This user had this to say:
There’s a hotel called Raha Yangu in Huruma Estate next to Moi Air Base ,they have such beds that have lasted for decades,what they replace are mattresses (laughs)

This had this:
The bed is the best coz after putting tiles they drill and put some wood across and screw them tightly so that the mattress doesn’t reach the tiles directly,it very nice (laughs)

This guy said:
Hahaha…no more sounds nor shaking of the bed..He iz tired by neighbors complains every morning

This one said:
Heavy Pneumonia loading, This is a pure death trap!

The hilarious one said:
When you have this and you get unwanted visitors you cannot hide under the Bed

What do you think is it the best permanent idea to save more or what do you say. Share with us.

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