Heart Breaking: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother Doesn’t Want Him To Marry His Current Girlfriend, Geogina Rodriguez. Why? Let’s Get Into

Cristiano Ronaldo mum doesn’t want him to marry

Dolores Aveiro the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo, does not want to see her son marry current partner  Georgina Rodriguez. She believes that the Argentine born model has economic motives for a union.

Have you ever seen the best matching love birds in town which you think they will soon be an item forever and out of nowhere you see things fall apart.

You speculate speculate but when you expected the best to happen the worst happens? Yes this is the case to the currently two lovebirds in town, Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

The two love birds are raising together two beauties that is Eva and Martina and two gentlemen that is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr and Mateo. They are share a beautiful daughter together and they currently shares a life in Manchester

Despite being a beauty, a model and the best match for Cristiano Ronaldo, fans has been speculating the two will tie the knot soon as they seem to be the perfect match in town but guess what as fate would have it the Manchester United forward family are against this beauty. Why?

The Cristiano Ronaldo family thinks that the Georgina is after their son’s money and once the knot is tied, she will take control of it. Despite tagging along together well with the model, Cristiano’s mum that is Dolores Averio says she don’t want her son to marry Geogina that she is economic oriented.

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Apparently, her other children think the same, meaning the opposition to wedding bells within the groom’s family are strong. According to a media agency closer to Cristiano Ronaldo, it says that even Dolores children are opposing this marriage and that they don’t want their brother to marry the lady. Let’s not forget that it is Aveiro who didn’t like some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s previous girlfriends and yes they left.

I think that when a family is aganaist you it means that they have seen where you are heading with their son or they have seen what you are upto especially the mother in laws.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo and family
Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo
Source: instagram

May be they have spying on you for quite sometime without your knowledge and achieved the mission to know your intentions.

So let’s see if the greatest of all time will go with his mom’s decision or his. Don’t forget she appreciate the support Georgina gives his son.

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