Woman Leaves Netizens Amazed After Narrating How 2 Year Old Daughter’s Statement Consoled Her Emotionally.

Woman Leaves Netizens Amazed After Narrating How 2 Year Old Daughter’s Statement Consoled Her Emotionally.

A Nigerian woman has left Netizens mesmerized after she narrated how her two year old daughter consolee her emotionally with her simple short statement.

The woman, only identified as Blossom Martins has narrated how she came back home and ended up sleeping with her cloths on. She said that she was very angry, scared and never wanted to speak to anyone.

All she wanted to do was to hold her pillow and cry and just let the pain out of her heart. Blossom narrated how she tip toed to her daughter’s bedroom to check if she she had fallen asleep and to her surprise, her 2 Year old daughter was all awake at 4PM.

The pretty girl looked at her mama and asked, if she “mummy are you okay?” This caught her by surprise since she was not okay. Did her daughter knew mummy was not Okay?

Credit:Blossom Martins
Source: LinkedIn

She just smiled with tears rolling down her cheeks assuring her daughter that she was all okay. She said that she kissed her forehead with tears dropping on her head and hummed her until she was asleep.

She thought the two year old was asleep but no. She was not. Infact she heard her whispering how she loves her. “I love you mummy, you are a good person,” said the two year old beautiful baby.

Blossom says the sweet words from her daughter made her pain disappear for a second. She uncovered herself from the duvet and kept looking at her daughters face until she fell asleep.

The two year old was like her miracle, her words kept ringing on her head till morning and according to her those were the words she yawned hearing. And infact, they came from the most important human being in her life.

Her post has gone viral on LinkedIn and linkedin users had this to say:

Roxanne R. Ramsoondar said:
She is precious😍
There will be good days, bad days, overwhelming days, tiresome days where you just want to cry and give up, but never give up mama, do it for her! You got this❣❣

Extremely beautiful

Michelle ealy said:
This old Marine’s eyes are wet

Joyce Walters said:
Love This, Inspiring💖
Yesss Beautiful Angel 💕💚

Evidence Muza said:
Glory, what a touching story, Blossom Martins!
Yes the innocence of children just melts any negativity and bitterness in our hearts! Yes their love is so innocent, so pure, so unadulterated!
And your daughter is beautiful!

Towa Beer said:
Single Mum here and I felt your every word. Our babies are miracles, each and every one, and I never take her blessing for granted. Get that script going and write yourself a big hug too because you deserve one!

Otu Ekpenyong said:
Cute, little angel!!! That’s who she is!! You were very angry and scared.She was still awake at 10pm when you checked on her…and suddenly the pain in your heart felt lighter, even for a sec!! As God so loves cheerful people, I command that pain and any lurking bad energy to disappear from your system immediately & completely IJMN,!!! Amen

Warren Larson said:
Wow. You have a precious little girl and may God comfort you, too!

S’fiso’sihle(Sifiso) Ndwandwe said:
So bitter-sweet.. We all hv these special angels planted randomly in our lives… Treasures and pearls along our life’s pathways

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