Amazing Diana Bahati: Alafu Utaskia Alikua Anaswim Tu, Kidogo Pozze Akamkula.’ and Fans Reacts After Diana B Post This

Diana Bahati fans Reacts after she posts this video on her wall.

Diana Bahati’s Fans Takes her back to her previous video

Diana Bahati has not been at peace since she spilled the beans on what was later discovered to be a Clout chasing movie.

If you are late let’s get back there. A few days ago Diana Bahati just shaded on what most fans said to be crocodile tears after she falsely accused counterpart musician Willy Paul of raping her.

This has tainted her good image and everytime she posts new thing totally different from the alledged rape, fans are always on the back chamber to remind her of her fake rape accusations.

It is now becoming very hard for fans to come to terms with the rape case and in fact imagine they can’t move on.

So a day ago Diana Bahati posted a video of her family enjoying holiday in Nanyuki. Dee was dressed in a bikini trouser and most were never eager to see the kids swim but were eager to study her body.

There are those who have trolled her, some have remind her of her previous rape case and this is what they had to say.

kishlegacy said: This family is a bless to everyone

jckebeidneveb said: Tushakuchoka but hatuwezi sahau ulidinywa na Pozze

delyncol254 claimed: Alafu utaskia alikua anaswim tu…kidogo pozze akamustrip naked..akakuliwa

jnkiis said: Baha ananyonyaga nini hiz o matiti nikodogo wallae

Diana Bahati
Diana B in her Bikini outfit
Photo: Courtesy

irenenekesa31 (her house help)  said: mm hata nyumbani sirudi

keith.sanc_music said: Nmeona Pozee kwa mat za Nanyuki tumekata ticket na yeye(laughs)

Mutuku said: ukuliwi Bure wajiitia mwenyewe.

e.hadassah told her: Dee don’t allow negative energy hea.. wablock tukisonga. Enjoy ur holiday

josephinekinuche said: kwa nini nacheka(laughs) hata sijui nacheka nini

msabibaby said: Yaaani poze ashanyandua hii mboga

Those are just some but of the many comments of her trollers reminding her of her previous video about Willy Paul.


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