Diana Bahati Youtube
Diana Bahati looking gorgeous Photo: Diana B Source: instagram

Diana Bahati Youtube hacked and videos deleted!

This week was an all bad news to the Bahati’s family as wife Diana Bahati youtube was no more. Through her instagram page with over 2 million followers announced that her youtube channel was hacked.

Diana Bahati youtube channel with over six hundred subscribers was hacked and deleted. Can you just imagine? According to the new female rapper in town,there are people who have hacked the channel. Deleted all contents and changed the name.

Through her instagram, Diana Bahati posted a short caption saying, “Diana Bahati Youtube Channel Hacked.”

With the photo she went ahead and captioned,

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I have Lived at Peace with Everyone and I have always Stayed on My Lane; I Don’t Know Why anyone Would do this to Me! You Hack My YouTube Account; Change the Name and Even Worse You Delete it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Fam,We Shall be Back Soon Stay Strong Team Diana. We Trust and Give Glory to God for Everything πŸ™ My Management & NGOMMA VAS has Started the Process of Contacting The YouTube Team to have this Sorted! Nawapenda ❀

She has given her fans hope that she is working on the hacking issue and will soon be back on air. She claimed that Ngomabase are doing the job for her to get access again to her youtube channel.

It is true since I’d you go and search for Diana Bahati youtube or her recent raps you won’t get her channel nor her work.

Diana Bahati Youtube
Diana Bahati looking gorgeous
Photo: Diana B
Source: instagram

This year of 2022 has started so bad for Diana Bahati Youtube channel. Remember a few days ago her husband that is Kevin Bahati promised her fans that his wife would be dropping new song today that is on Friday 28 and it seems fans won’t get access to it because if the aspiring issue.

Most people who has been following her and have seen the good and bad of Diana Bahati Youtube vlogs, some believe that she is clout chasing while some think it’s true.

Do you think the clout chasing drama can go upto this extent? Or did she hidden the channel from the public so that she claims it has been hacked?

What if it is true that it has been hacked how many of her followers will trust her? I think this comes after serious fake allegations she made against her rival Willy Paul and it seems fans can’t now take her issues seriously.

Her budding fans gave her their sorry and promised they will be with her in this moment of her life. Among those who reacted was one and only, Akothee.

Akothee kenya said: Ish ,Not a good feeling at all ,this streets are wired, you be working your Ass out to pull yourself up and someone else is working their Ass out to see you fail ! Ahhh ,sometimes this world is not fair at all . Wish people knew what it costs to build a brand , pole MoMA itarudi

henrydesagu said: So so very sorry D😒😒😒just soo bad πŸ™πŸ™

Through another instagram post Diana Bahati gave her fans hope of being back to youtube after she posted:

Some Good News! My YouTube channel is almost Back 😭😭😭 Unfortunately the Hacker had Deleted Several Videos and Changed the Name to ARK INVEST which used My Channel to post Content that Violates YouTube Guidelines and immediately I was Flagged off as a User. Deleted 😭😭😭 I want to thank the @youtube Team for your quick Intervention and efforts to Make Sure I do not Loose My Content and Subscribers. Thank you Ngomma VAS and My Fans for your Prayers πŸ™ If You Scroll through the already restored Videos You will Notice I have Lost Thousands of Comments which I hope will be back Soon 😒 We are in the process of getting the Channel back to my official Brand Name DIANA BAHATI. Again, Thank you all for your encouraging & kind words, the Enemy might delay us but can’t Deny us of Our God Given Blessings.Will keep you posted. I love you all. Goodnight

According to the screen short she shared, Diana Bahati Youtube channel was nolonger with her name but the hackers changed it to Ark Invest.



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