2021 REVENGE: Diana Bahati Youtube Rape Video Deleted

Diana Bahati Youtube video of alledged rape aganaist Willy Paul’s has been deleted. Let’s find out why?

Diana Bahati  youtube video deleted

They say the governments hand is long and if you touch it, you will have to go by the rules. So is the same case or Diana Bahati Youtube video.

Bahati’s wife has been forced by Kenyan court to delete the youtube video she had faked a cry and accused Willy Paul of raping her.

This stabbed Willy Paul’s name, it saw the ‘I do’ hitmaker losing several deals worth millions of shillings as most of his business partners saw him as a rapist.

In a previous post Willy had threaten the Bahati’s that they will pay for any loss caused to him since the love saga paved its way into the air of internet users.

He had claimed that in a span of some few days he had lost deals worth 96 million shillings and this he promised Diana Bahati’s she will pay for it.

Diana Bahati

Remember what Diana had claimed earlier that Willy Paul had raped her appeared to be false and this saw many name-calling her as an expert in publicity stunt chaser.

The court has ordered her, Diana Bahati Youtube video to be deleted, the video she uploaded on youtube and if you try searching for it on her youtube channel, surely you won’t get it.

Diana Bahati youtube
Left to right : Willy Paul and Diana B
Photo: Courtesy

But some people and media outlets had downloaded it before and they reuploded it back on youtube, you can search and get it on other channels but not Diana Bs.

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