Dj Evolve Collapses After Losing Mother As Babu Owino Receives Backlash From Kenyans

Dj Evolve Collapses After hearing the demise of his mother

Dj Evolve’s family has been thrown into mourning after the family lost their mother on 23rd September 2021. Mrs Mary Hongo is said to have experienced breathing difficulties that led to her collapsing. She died on her way to the hospital.

If you are familiar with EMBAKASI MP Babu Owino then you should also be familiar with DJ Evolve. A year ago Babu Owino was involved in a club shootout that saw the DJ who was working at the club being rushed to hospital.

Reports has it that the moment the DJ heard the demise of his beloved mother he collapsed on the spot was rushed to hospital. His father says the mother collapsed while at their lucky summer home. Remember since the club shootout, UT was Mary who was taking care of her son that is DJ Evolve who was left bedridden since the incident.

The DJ was left immobile since the incident which occurred in 17th January 2020 due to a permanent injury on his spine. His mom put all her life on hold to take care of his son. The incident changed her life forever. The late mother has never seen or met Babu Owino and according to the MP he couldn’t visit the victim’s family due to court ban.

The Babu Owino’s case was withdrawn with a court agreement to settle the case out of court. So after the demise of DJ Evolve’s mother, Babu Owino took to his social pages to condole the family and he said,

Mum you were a mother to me, and a friend. We were united through a difficult situation, we had grown so close but God has His own reasons why this had to happen. As a family we are deeply saddened by your loss. You are forever loved and treasured.
We shall continue holding together and ensure your legacy lives on forever.
To my friend Felix and your family I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through. May God grant you peace, strength and comfort to go through this difficult moment in your lives.
Mum You always told us to be strong no matter how big the storm is and to always put God first.
Rest In Peace Mum till we meet again

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He received backlash from fans who blasted him with comments with most reminding him of the pain he had costed the family in 2020. Some has also come out to support him saying he had already apologized and people should let him be.

Fans reactions:

@dj_amm said: R.I.P. guys stop judging Babu. No one is perfect. He didn’t kill Evolve’s mother.

@vehuhar said: deputy jesus

waweruwamaina said: Mr Babu isnow grieving!wonders will never
sieze anyway you did it
should we congrats you?

@calvinejchumba said: You babu you
are so damn, after you short her
son you should nao take
Felix to your home, pay him
everything he needs,, pay for
him accommodation, food and
doctors to care for him, who do
expect to give him that love and
care like the mum, this is so sad

@njerima said: The audacity
after you almost killed his

@vehuhar wrote: When hypocrisy
graduates phd as amother
T know how you heartbroken her
heart n it may be the cause of
her death. Seeing ur son grown
son whom you circfised for his
better laying down no
amount of money nor
forgiveness would relief her
pain. O9ORIP mama

@abdimantoz_254 said: It’s unfair to
continue blaming Babu Owino
on everything. The family of DJ
Evolve forgave him. The motherto Felix Orinda didn’t haveissues with Babu. Let’s just put
the family in prayers. That’s the
most important thing. Don’t
politicize even death.

Dj Evolve
Babu Owino(l) and DJ Evolve
Photo: Courtesy

Those are just a some of the comments directed to Babu Owino in regards to what had happened. Our condolences to the berieved.

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