Great News As Elsa Majimbo Pregnant At 21 Years shows off her baby bump.

Elsa Majimbo Pregnant shows off her baby bump. Do you think she is really pregnant? Let’s see…

Elsa Majimbo Pregnant shows off her baby bump.

21-year-old Kenyan Comedienne Elsa Majimbo shows off her baby bump. Through her tiktok page the Beau has stir emotions online as she has been giving Kenyan men sleepless nights until they learned the hard truth. Elsa is eith in or no more in market click to watch.

The comedian trended for cracking jokes about life and how she handles them. Since then her life has changed so much even she appears as the face of international brands like the Forbes Africa and others.

Elsa Majimbo has also got the attention of some of most loved international celebrities among them Rihanna and others.

Here is what guys had to say:

This one said:
21-year-old Kenyan Comedienne, Elsa Majimbo, shows off her baby bump. Do you think she’s really pregnant?

Another said:

I know angihlangani but Elsa Majimbo falling pregnant at the peak of her career is just messed up!

This said:
Elsa majimbo is pregnant at 21 and she was my crush,.. but I don’t even like, ARIMIS mpaka baba akuwe rais

And another said:
Elsa Majimbo  pregnant Should not distract you from the fact that sniper is now out on all digital platforms brev

This said:
Why is getting elsa majimbo pregnant such a big deal ?she’s human too

This said:
Is Elsa Majimbo pregnant? She may or may not be, but Kenyans are losing their minds

Elsa Majimbo Pregnant
A screen grab showing the fake pregnancy
Photo: Courtesy

And another one:
Lazy Serial abortion bitches wa Kenya are the only ones mad that Elsa Majimbo could be pregnant 😂 FYI it’s possible to have a child & still work.

This commented:
Elsa Majimbo is gonna have pregnant women crave for crisp and it’s jus funny.

Another wrote:
Clout Chasing Celebrities would do anything to keep on trending, Elsa Majimbo is not Pregnant, that’s it

This hilarious one wrote:
So someone has been raw dogging Elsa Majimbo and now she is pregnant hii dunia ni mimi pekee sipewi.

But celebrities are known for Clout Chasing to trend do you think this is the case for Elsa Majimbo Pregnant rumours. She jokes too much to be believed.

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