SHOCKING! Eric Omondi Confirms That, Andrew Kibe Is A Big Sugar Baby, Threatenes To Expose His Sugar Mummy

Eric Omondi Confirms That, Andrew Kibe Is A Big Sugar Baby, Threatenes To Expose Him

A few days has passed since Kibe started his correction beef with president of comedy in Africa that is Eric Omondi.

Kibe who started a show with a correction content on instagram has been known to blast several Kenyan celebrities for doing different things.

If one does something aganaist his wants he will come and bash it. There are several celebrities who have fallen into his trap including them is Jalango, Akothee, Mammito Eunice, Kamene Goro, Eric Omondi and other known celebrities.

So guess what, his beef with Eric Omondi has took a new turn after Eric Omondi has warned him to either apologise to him or he expose him.

Eric Omondi
Eric  and Andrew Kibe
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Source: instagram

Speaking with plug TV, the comedian confirmed that Andrew Kibe is kept by a woman and he has receipt to confirm that incase Andrew continues. The king of African comedy said that Kibe was on a birthday with his sugar mummy last weekend and he either apologize or he continues with the grudge.

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He also said that Kibe should respect women whom he insults like Akothee because it is women who has kept him, made him eat and live in their houses.

The beef started when Kibe pointed out on the comedians dress code which consists of wearing feminine clothings to pass a message and according to him it is like Kibe is pretending he doesn’t know these thing. So it’s either apology or be exposed.


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