Eric Omondi has come out to Respond to Zuchu’s claim that bongo music is still alive

Eric Omondi responds to Zuchu

On 27th December 2021,Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi posted an insta story where he wrote, ‘ama piano has killed bongo flavour.’

Eric Omondi, Zuchu
From left to right: Zuchu & Eric Omondi
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Through and instagram post he said:

Kenyan Musicians are Dead ASLEEP.Tanzanians are Loosing it to AMAPIANO. Ugandans Stopped Singing, they dont even try anymore.

EAST AFRICA Wizkid filled the 02 Arena 3 nights in a Row and Chris Brown was Present. Burna Boy is winning the Grammys every year.

All kenya is Presenting to the African Music Olympics is Trio Mio a 14 year old form 2 student who has never left Kenya.

The Only East African Musician I acknowledge is Diamond Platnumz (Let’s give credit where its deserved Chibu reeeeally tries), Sauti sol are trying but not enough. I said what I said. Am tayaad and Hungry, nimeenda kukula.

This followed with numerous comments on the section with Bongo celebrities respondimg to him.

Among them was baba levo and Kenyan Celebrities like fellow comedian Butita who got touched his  claim.

Skywalker reposted Eric Omondi’s post on his instagram page and this saw the bongo celebrities coming out to defend themselves.

So one of the best bongo artists that is Zuchu came out and posted:

Bongo flavor can never die artist are going out of their confort zones it’s called diversity.

Trying new sounds has never killed any industry the music industry is Big So let artists try out bew things ndo mabadiliko hayo.

Eric Omondi did not end there he came back and responded to Zuchu saying:

My dear Sister. This is how it always begins, we always start by losing our Authenticity and Identity and giving Excuses for it. Huku Kenya tulianza vivyo hivyo na Muziki wetu ukapotea(sad).

Wazungu wanasema “If it’s not Broken, dont fix it!!” Bongo Fleva iko SAWAA kabisa na Hakuna haja ya kuwacha Bongo Fleva ati Kwa ajili ya ku “Diversify”.

Amapiano ni Basi tu linalopita ila sisi tukiipanda bila kujua kinaenda wapi basi tutashindwa kurudi nyumbani.

Tutakua tunauza sera zao na Tamaduni zao na Kuua chetu. Unapoimba “Sukari” in that Sweet Authentic Bongo Tone and Beat, what you are basically doing ni Kuinua Taifa na Bendera ya Tanzania and WE LOVE IT SOO MUCH and we are PROUD of it.

Lakini when you Continually replace that Bongo Sound na Amapiano baada ya Mda tutakua tumejipoteza. Trust me, this happened to Kenyan music, I am Speaking from Experience.

Msalimu sanaa Kakangu na Wana WCB Wote waambie Nawapenda. Naja Dar January nitawaalika show yangu hapo Mlimani City(smile)


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