Congrats: Eric Omondi To Vie For Nairobi Governor Comes 2022

Eric Omondi To Vie For Nairobi Governor Comes 2022

Self proclaimed King of comedy in Africa, that’s one and only Eric Omondi has declared war comes 2022.Througb a video and several posts he shared to his fans on his instagram page it is clear that he is joining politics soon.

The king of comedy is eyeing for the Nairobi governorship and guess what he said to his fans, punda amechoka a swahili version meaning the donkey is tired.

On his instagram page he posted one this, “ARE YOU READY FOR THE REVOLUTION???? IT IS TIME!!! THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHATS COMING!!! The Strength of any Nation is its YOUTH!!! The POWER of any NATION lies in its YOUTH!!! We are SICK and TIRED!!! PERIOD!!!!

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi performing on a show
Photo: Eric Omondi
Source: Instagram

On another post he said, “GETTING READY TO LEAD A REVOLUTION!!! Did you know 68 Percent of Voters in Kenya are YOUTHS!!! Hawa WAZEEE WAMETUZOEA VIBAYA watajua Hawajui This time Round ni KUBAYAAA!!! SEPTEMBER 1ST TUNAANZA REVOLUTION!!!


And it has not ended there the guy keeps posting political post on his wall which makes fans to believe comes 2022,the comedian will be in the ballot.

His post caught reactions from some celebrities including comedian Eddie Butita who asked, “Now that Eric Omondi wants toNairobi Governor. Wife materialtutafanyia city hall ama?”

His post received mixed reactions online and some fans had this to say. Some of this fans said:

@mtunecessary YOu have been
President of Comedy Africa na
umefanya kazi vizuri…kura
yangu kwako buana
nitacampaign for free
#fagiawote #ghasiaOUT

b.e.n.t.e.n Ata ukitakapresidential seat tutakupea
Hawa wazee really live in the
past,you must get the 68pcnt ofvote Incase utasimama kamapresident

@chelangatnikkita I am not a
prophet but this sounds like
@dralfredmutua_official forPresident

@ericomondi_ deserve to be the
president this stands with youth
anytime we need him,actually hemotivates us the way we need

Those are just some but a few of the comments from his fans, what do you think? Should he Vie comes 2022?share below.


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