Funny Flower Girl Yellegantly Yells Down The Aisle To The Groom

A viral video shows funny flower girl  yelling down the aisle to the groom then this happens.

Funny Flower Girl Yells To The Groom

A viral video has left internet users in stitches laughing their ribs-out.The little baby girl was a flower girl who was supposed to walk the bride and the groom down the aisle only for the cutie’s unpredictable behavior to turn things out for the mercy of the wedding planners.

As seen on the YouTube video with over five million views, dressed in a flowery white dress, holding white basket walking towards the groom, the  funny flower girl baby slowly starts the journey but before she could even achieve a inch away, she broke the hell out of herself and did what her inner ego in little her instructed her to do.

You can imagine the how embarrassed the owner was. With the help of wedding invitees, a random woman is seen encouraging and pushing her to continue with the journey as another one tells her to stop yelling but who is the little angel.

On her way she is seen picking up flowers tiding the place all the way to the groom The funny flower girl  yelled down the aisle to the groom leaving attendees laughing in the background.

funny flower girl 
The little cutie at the wedding.

Before her voice becomes the choir of the day for the wedding, a woman grabbed the funny flower girl to avoid further embarrassments. Most people have shared their funny experiences and here is what some had to say:

This user said:
I can understand how the mother of that child felt. My son was a ring bearer at the age of three. He was in his tiny tux, with rings in hand. He got about ten to fifteen steps down the aisle, stopped, looked up at the cross above the altar and said,” Oh Jesus, I hate to do this!” The congregation laughed and he walked down the aisle to where I was sitting, and plopped himself down. Fortunately, I was in the second row, and could discretely get the rings to a bridesmaid. My son is now 52 and has two beautiful girls. We all still laugh at this story.

Another one said:
That was beautiful.My cousins daughter yelled out Aunty Stop kissing that man. The church erupted with cheers and laughter.

This said:
Children are so innocent and do the darnedest things! But the most beautiful memories are the ones we don’t expect. Enjoy your babies because they grow up so fast

Then came the hilarious one this in reference to the funny flower girl:
I’m quite sure she was telling the groom to run for his life lol

This one said this in reference to the funny flower girl:
When my oldest niece was 2, she was in her first church Christmas play, as an angel. We sat in the front, right side of the sanctuary and the kids entered from the back, left. When she entered and saw me, she yelled “Lori! I want my Lori!” and booked it straight for me (laughs) Sis’ hubby, my bro, and his wife tried and failed to stifle giggles, and my sister was giving me a death glare. I gave niece a quick cuddle and convinced her to go join the other angels for the play. She did great 🙂

Another one wrote:
My daughters were flower girls at my brother’s wedding. The youngest was 3. It was a long service and she got tired and started sighing. The mics picked them up! The sounds went through the church! Finally the maid of honor whispered something in her ear and she sat flopped down on one of the altar steps with a LOUD sigh! It was one of the highlights

This one had to share her own experience this in reference to the funny flower girl:
I was flower girl at age 5 and when the priest said ‘Do you Darryl, take you Carol…..’ I burst out laughing and couldn’t stop giggling throughout the entire service which caused the audience to laugh non stop too. Whoops!

This said this in reference to the funny flower girl:
They probably told her to just look for the groom to know where to go. Then with all the people there, she couldn’t see him so she yelled for him. Once he stepped to the aisle she went on about her duties. She is so precious.

What’s your experience at a wedding that led you breaking your ribs. Share below.

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