Galaxy S21 : 17 Year Old Son Slaps And Punch Mum Because She Won’t Get Him a Galaxy S21

Galaxy S21 : 17 Year Old Son Slaps And Punch Mum Because She Won’t Get Him a Galaxy S21

Imagine 17 Year Old Son Slaps And Punch Mum Because She Won’t Get Him a Galaxy S21

Imagine that moment you realize you’re pregnant after a long wait to conceive, doctors tell you that you will soon be a-mother to a bouncing baby girl or boy. You’re all into tears of joy. That day comes you go through labour and deliver your baby. From day one you’re there for him ,you provide your son with every single necessity they might require in-order to grow-up. Then Galaxy S21 becomes a problem.

Years later your son becomes a teenager and during his teen is when he starts to act weird because he needs a Galaxy S21. You fail to know where your son got these behaviors from. He is that kind of kid who wants to go with the vibes of fellow teens, from posh stuff to phones like Galaxy S21 and even cars in most cases. You fail to understand how you can bring your sin to normal him.

Can you imagine after 17 years of being with her son, teaching him good values a mother has took to social media to lament how her son abused her because of failing to buy him a Galaxy S21 phone? The post which has garnered outrageous reactions from social users was posted by this person saying:

My 17 year old son slapped and punched me because I wouldn’t get him a Galaxy S21 because he already has an S10. What do I do about him?

She was asking for help and this is the opinion from users after Galaxy S21 earned her a slap.

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This user advised:

Call the police and report the incident so that it is on record. He will probably spend a night in jail. Tell him when he turns 18, he will be out the front door on his own. If he wants the latest and greatest cell phone after he pays for his own rent, his own car, his own insurance and his own food, maybe he won’t such and selfish ass. It maybe the best thing that ever happened to him. You can also him that if he touches you again, he will be spending some more time in jail.

Another said:

If I or any of my siblings dared even slap one of our parents at that age or younger, we wouldn’t be alive to tell about it. This spoiled brat is obviously used to getting his own way. Grow a pair and be a parent, not a best friend.

This one commented:
Galaxy S21? Such a spoil brat, I’m 15 y’o but I have Samsung  galaxy j7 and it was purchased on 2016 and I have it for like 5 years. Please just be contented of what you have. Its waste of phones if it’s still good then you have to buy a new one. So use your phone while its still good and usable not to waste money and phone. If you have the situation on your parents like you find your own money, it would not be easy because you think that you can find money on road and just pick it up. No hate, spread love.
Galaxy S21
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This user had this to say:

I love my dad to death and we’re best friends. He gave me an amazing upbringing and taught me what it is to be a great father, an amazing husband and a man in general. All that being said, I tried to swing on my dad once when I was about that age. He was a (now retired) special assignment teams police officer and it didn’t go well for me. I was super into punk rock and had a very anti-authoritarian streak at that age. However, I learned quickly that he’s the boss and to never try anything like that again.

Because of his training, my old man had me on the floor in less than a second squeezing trigger/pressure points in my hand that made me wail in pain but caused no injury. We worked through it days later and discussed what the underlying issues were. I’m not at all for corporal punishment or even hitting back but there needs to be a line drawn and there’s nothing wrong with physically defending one’s self – even against our children.

Massive spikes of testosterone and swirling brain chemistry during that age makes some (again, some, not all) young men act irrationally. I listened to a neurologist talk about how brain scans of a pubescent teenager are comparable to that of someone who is clinically emotionally disturbed. I know that who I was as a teenager is not at all who I am now, that’s for damn sure.

I would be direct with him, tell him that if it ever happens again that you have a right to defend yourself and will never tolerate that behavior again. Also try and understand what would provoke the violence in the first place. Maybe he’s bullied at school because of luxury stuff like Galaxy S21, or heartbroken or suffering from depression – it could be a million things really. We need to be more connected to our children and teach them emotional intelligence, strong moral commitment and how to treat others with dignity.

This wrote in the response of  the mum being slapped by son;
My son is 17 years old, he had an iPhone 7 until last year, had it for 4 years until it would die an hour after it was fully charged, not once this kid acted rude because he wanted a new phone nor he would dare to, you should have smacked that kid when growing up…stand your ground, if he keeps it up call the police, get help for your own safety
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This user said to the mum being slapped by son:
I am surprised your child resorted to violence because of Galaxy S21 if he was never exposed to violence as punishment in his life because of Galaxy S21. In any case, yes, you really have every right to turn him into the police to create a document. It might be necessary to prevent any further violence against you. Children have definitely grown to murder their parents and you really don’t want to wait until its too late for him to realize there are consequences for his behavior. Reasonable consequence. Determined by unbiased public opinion. Not like his hasty abusive, childish reaction because of Galaxy S21. He won’t like his karma. That being said, counseling is worth the effort. For both of you. Also, don’t let any fool on here make you feel as if you are doing anything wrong by reaching out for help from average citizens. You’re in my prayers. Good luck.

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