Watch: Shocking Video Shows Brazilian Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Raping Pregnant Woman During CS Session

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Brazilian anesthetist Arrested For Raping Pregnant Woman During this

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Brazilian anesthetist Arrested For Raping Pregnant Woman During CS Session

Imagine the pain mothers do go through while giving birth to another life? Imagine trusting a doctor with your wife and newborn only for thhe trusted one to turn to a monster? Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Brazilian anesthetist has been arrested for raping pregnant Woman During CS Session

A Brazilian anesthetist  has now been arrested after he was filmed r@ping a pregnant woman during a C-section. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of a rape after he was secretly filmed putting his pen!s in the woman’s mouth after he heavily sedated her at the Hospital da Mulher in São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Giovanni Quintella Bezerra only completed his medical training in anesthesia  two months ago, raised concerns after hospital staff became worried about the amount of drugs he was giving to his patients so fitted a secret camera to see what he was up to before a C-section surgery on a woman due for delivery. What they found on the video footage horrified  them.
Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was then seen sexually assaulting  the woman by putting his pen!s in her mouth as the other set of doctors performing the C-section on her were barely a few meters  away from him on the other side of the surgical curtain.
In the video click to watch, the patient is lying on the hospital bed, unconscious. On the left side of the sheet, the hospital’s surgical team is performing the cesarean section. Meanwhile, on the right side of the sheet, Giovanni can be seen unzipping his pants, pulling his pen!s out and inserting it into the pregnant woman’s mouth. When he’s done, he then wipes the patient’s mouth with a tissue to erase any evidence of the said crime.
The alleged sexual assault, which took place on Sunday, reportedly went on for ten minutes after Bezzera waited for the pregnant woman’s companion to leave the surgical room with their newborn child.Another victim’s husband says Giovanni Quintella Bezerra asked him to leave the operating theatre. According to local news outlet Globo, the husband of one of the anesthetist’s  victims said he was taken out of the operating room by Giovanni Quintella Bezerra during the birth of his son.
Giovanni Quintella Bezerra
Giovanni Quintella Bezerra at work
 “The guy who gives anesthesia told me to leave halfway through. I hadn’t even seen the child and my wife had already slept,” said the husband, who’d recognized the doctor after seeing his face on the television. Another family of an alleged victim of Dr. Giovanni also approached the authorities to report the health professional. The woman’s daughter delivered with Giovanni as an anesthetist  on the 6th of July, according to the local outlet. Clovis Bersot Munhoz said the alleged attack was “absurd.”

The Health Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Secretary of State for Health released the following statement: “We inform you that an internal investigation will be surely opened to take administrative measures. The Hospital da Mulher team is providing all the full support to the victim and her family. This behavior  constitutes a crime, which must be punished in accordance with the legislation in force,” the statement continued. Police are investigating whether the anesthetist  has other victims and praised hospital workers for noticing his odd behavior. If convicted of the

Social media users have run crazy about his acts and this is what some had to say:

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What did the other doctors think he doing?

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Where do people get their minds from?

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As much as we are shocked by what happened… It’s worth remembering that this is more common than we realize, unfortunately! Congratulations to the whole staff of nurses who noticed the strange attitudes!

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