Imagine Goldfish driving? Can Goldfish Drive? Here’s What Israeli Researchers Have Found

Scientists takes a new research, teaches goldfish driving

Imagine waking up one day and realizing that your domestic pet knows how to drive your car? What will your possible thought? How will you react? This is the case of goldfish driving

Scientist have defied God’s making and have ventured into training goldfish driving.

Scientists have defied God, and have taught goldfish driving on land. Can you imagine that? Imagine coming from work and being met by your petted Goldfish. Looks quite amazing.

Might look like an imaginery but nop, it’s not. From the videos, the goldfish driving were pretty good at piloting a fish-operated vehicle which the scientists also termed it as FOV.

After having a pretty long day at work, the modern goldfish no longer has to take public transportation home, you might be asking yourself why?

Well the pretty fish can drive via a fish-operated vehicle (FOV), according to new research published in Behavioural Brain Research. Imagine meeting a goldfish driving?

Scientists at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheba, Israel, have set out to unpack how well goldfish can navigate terrestrial environments when tasked with the right tools. It’s time for goldfish driving.

The scientists have created a small camera-equipped fish tank on wheels, which they call an FOV, and put six goldfish in it, one at a time.

Through his twitter, Mr Ronen said:

I am excited to share a new study led by Shachar Givon & @MatanSamina w/ Ohad Ben Shahar: Goldfish can learn to navigate a small robotic vehicle on land.

We trained goldfish to drive a wheeled platform that reacts to the fish’s movement.
The fish were tasked to “drive” the vehicle towards a visual target in the terrestrial environment, which was observable through the walls of the tank.

Indeed, the goldfish were able to explore the terrestrial environment, all while avoiding dead-ends and correcting inaccuracies.

These results demonstrate that the goldfish was able to transfer to a wholly different terrestrial environment and navigate successfully.

Goldfish driving
Goldfish driving in a tank
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC


This has left many be like in an imaginery movie but not it’s not an imaginery movie it’s real,goldfish driving. Here is what netizens had to say:

Denver said:
Ummmm don’t goldfish have a 30-second memory?
So how do they get back home????
And wouldn’t you have to keep retraining them to do this every minute????

Aviv said:
You put a fish behind the wheel and they go: “this isn’t right”

Goldfish driving in a tank
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

Miranda said:
Yay for new proof of animal intelligence, but of what use are tank-driving fish? Can’t they just be allowed to live in their natural environments and not have to accommodate human-caused changes thereof?

Mother of dragonflies said:
I remember seeing a version of this years ago, powered by a betta fish, who seemed to enjoy following people around a room.
Of course now I can’t find it…

Christopher said:
Might I suggest making up a system that moves water in an attempt to keep the fish centered in such a way that the fish actually swims roughly the distance on land it swims through the water? That I’d love to see

Russ said:
We’ve communicated and said ‘You know what, lion tastes good, let’s go get some more lion’. We’ve developed a system to establish a beach-head and aggressively hunt you and your family and we will corner your pride, your children, your offspring.

Goldfish driving in a tank
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

Tate said:
This is so unimpressive I’m having trouble conveying how worthless this study is. The fish has no idea what is going on, it simply swims toward an object and the robot accomodates its movements.

Darin Strauss said:
It navigated out of dead ends and adapted to it’s environment. Why is that unimpressive?

Errina wrote:
Wondering how is this different from a goldfish driving and navigating to a target within a bigger tank?

Ronick wrote:
The important question is: can we replace at least 50% of the Knesset members with goldfish?

Andrew said:
Very very very cool science. But it makes my favorite dad joke less absurd. The joke? Ok: There are two fish in a tank. One turns to the other and asks… “Do you know how to drive this thing?”

Robocop commented:
On one hand, I think, that’s silly and goofy, like some weird cartoon or “Feudal Alloy” (game). On the other hand, also brilliant and amazing to see a goldfish navigating a robot handler.

Jerome said:
Wonder if you may find border cells associated with terrestrial borders

Ngadanu claimed:
I’ve been saying for years that we need to make ground-based vehicles for dolphins with full life support, and train them to drive on our streets. This is the most promising progress I’ve ever seen.

Fraz said:
Excellent achievement but its bit confusing simultaneously. Fish in water know how to navigate, so how is this experiment any different? Afterall she is still navigating in the water and it is agnostic to terrestrial nature of the course.

Sunbro said:
Dystopian movies start this way. And let’s be honest, I would watch the hell out of it.

Kristoph said:
If @elonmusk can’t train an AI to drive a Tesla, perhaps we could achieve level 1 autonomy by installing fish tanks in our cars!

Kaulvir claimed:
What if every creature is actually very intelligent? but it’s just their different intelligence tells them that what they are doing is the best they can be! and we don’t understand that because our intelligence makes us want to control everything, but theirs doesn’t!

Matt said:
Please show a video, which demonstrates that the goldfish driving has equal, if not better than average, skill at parallel parking. I can provide you the video evidence for the humans.

Crimson said:
I don’t think giving my fish the equivalent of a hamster ball is a good idea. Every animal I’ve ever lived w has found me in w/e room I was in & bumped against my leg until I paid attention. We do not need fish added to this mix

Doctor said:
It’s hard for me to think of a bigger waste of money. You could have fed children with the money you blew on this. You could have bought mosquito nets for people in Africa that would have prevented malaria.

Schroll said:
Do it with a higher species, eg #dolphins, which will explore space w/ curiosity. This concept emerged some ys ago, when I realized the evolutionary #tragedy of intelligent species, which are stuck in their #cultural #evolution bcs of the „niche trap“, eg water

Yoon Julie said:
Hi @ronen_segev I am a video editor for the Washington Post. We are reporting on the new research from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and would like to include this video on our site. The video would live in our player with proper citation. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Johnny said:
How do we know he’s navigating the vehicle and not just swimming towards the interesting thing? Shouldn’t the test be that the robot goes the wrong direction and the fish does counter-intuitive things to still get to the interesting thing?

Those are just some but of the many comments that followed after the viral video of goldfish driving.

The goldfish driving video is currently at over 1 million views. What do you think? Very soon we might teach ants how to drive home.

Imagine coming from work and meeting a goldfish driving? What will you do?

Rachid said:

Fish learns to drive 🤔All this time we’ve been working on Autonomous driving, we just should give these goldfish an Uber.

Sydney said:

They’re not generally known for their brain power, but scientists in Israel have managed to train goldfish to drive. Not a car, obviously, but a robotic powered water tank. The fish have learnt to steer the tank to certain targets to get a food reward.

James commented:

Goldfish learn how to drive. To what? TO DRIVE!

6 goldfish,  10 driving lessons, took part in the study. Each time one of them reached a target set by the researchers, it was rewarded with food.female goldfish are better drivers

Ophir said:

So my Israeli brothers and sisters can teach a goldfish how to drive but half you peeps in LA still don’t know how to brake at a stop sign?… SMH.

Holee said:Might be hope for female humans yet 😬😬😬Goldfish taught to drive by Israeli scientists  lc

Julie said:However, Israeli scientists have just taught goldfish how to drive. So they’ll be able to use our cars once we’re gone — as long as ocean acidification doesn’t wipe them out first. By @RachelPannett

Kibiri said:

Fish learns to drive 🤔
All this time we’ve been working on Autonomous driving, we just should give these goldfish an Uber.

Joe said:

When in a world Pandemic that is killing millions, scientists teach goldfish how to drive.

Dan said:

Now that they taught a goldfish how to drive on land, it’s only a matter of time before tuna establish a beachhead and aggressively hunt lions

Gayle wrote:

This is absolutely amusing. I simply worry when some animal activists will decide all fish should have this option. Is someone’s fish going to chase them around their home? Not all fish owners are dilligent in keeping a tank clean and I am sure the fish would like to tell us.

Brad stated:

Mr. Simmons I seen info on Youtube about movie called Shout it loud is new about Kiss coming out!!!!!!!

Kirk said:

That goldfish driving is not wearing a mask! WTF? I would bet it is not vaxxed either.

Otis said:

Two goldfish driving in a tank. One says to the other: “do *you* know how to drive this thing?”

Rob said:

Anything can be achieved.  Change is inevitable, so you just have to point yourself in the right direction as it occurs.

Mom said:

My goodness this is fabulous. Lately all we’re fed is crummy news. Nice to see something heart-warming for a change! 💕🐠

Joem said:

I bet that fish can drive better than most drivers in L.A.

Stan said:

Feed a fish and you feed it for a day. Teach it to drive…and it can go to the grocery store.

Maisey said:

Real question is how long did it take the fish to forget to use the blinkers

Jennifer said:


Yz said:

What can’t a Jew do? That’s why they  are blessed to be God’s chosen people. Something many American Jews take for granted.

Chowdy said:

OK so my question is, where did they get the funding for this project? If it’s from the tax payer there should be some serious heat of the necks of every individual who though this was a good idea.

Corleone said:Good to see scientists spending their time on such useful projects.

Haydn said:

A lot of it is justified — some not.Seeing if other species can adapt to new environments & conditions could be useful for behavioral science.

Jay said:

So what twitch had fish playing street fighter. Also how about scientist do something that matters and you report on something that matters.

Harets said:

While some of you were busy telling someone on Twitter they suck, researchers at Ben-Gurion University taught six goldfish driving a motorized fish tank in just 10 days!

Fatima said:

With a camera and sensors, Israeli scientists transformed a goldfish’s movements into directions to wheels attached to its tank. OMG

Dr roo said:

I thought goldfish had little to no memory — or was Ani DFranco telling a fish story?

Aaron said:

Kind of kills the punchline of the “two goldfish swimming in a tank” joke.

Etete said:

Scientists from Israel not known for their brain power true

Just me said:

If you drive any road in Phoenix you’ll realize that “trained to drive” is a very low bar that’s been set.

Larry said:

…and someone received funding for this goldfish driving?  And we wonder why universities are so expensive these days. This is scientific silliness.

Xking said:

Typical soviet-tier propaganda. Distract the public with stupid circuses and parlor tricks.

Merek said:

This is the future H.P. Lovecraft warned us about in “Dagon”

Denver said:

Who needs AI when you have goldfish driving? Fish-driven cars are right around the corner!

Sussman claimed:

We send 🇮🇱  billions of 🇺🇸 tax dollars a year. I guess this is a better use than bulldozing Palestinian homes.

Mm said:

Hope fully better than my wife’s driving

John said:

I have always admired the work of Prof. Denzil Dexter. I’m glad to see the ole fella continuing to work at the very edge of science.

Gamon said:

they just didnt properly train the goldfish driving to model for actual driving

Cyrus said:

Humans have peaked. We won’t get any better than this as a species…

Misiak said:

While scientists missed to train the reporting journalists (well, maybe there are none left and it is all apps?) to avoid the bias that much energy is saved sparing letters …

Atticus said:

I have lived my entire life thinking goldfish have terrible memories.

Chris said:

Two fish in a tank. One says to the other:”Do you know to drive this thing? ”

Zhali said:

I have a vision of the fish catching a lift to the ground floor to drive it’s tiny car.

Radek said:

Cool, now you can buy a goldfish online from the pet shop and it will drive itself to your house

JP said:

The big question is:

Can they teach the fish to correctly spell ‘challenge’

Ross said:

Next up: Jeff Bezos plans to replace Amazon delivery drivers with trained goldfish driving.

Dinga said:

Next they will be driving a motor pike and side carp.

Clown said:Why not just give them a Tesla

William said:

Somehow, I find this more exciting than self-driving humans-cars

Alexander said:

It should be called a “fish tank”

Mary said:

The military had a go at training pidgeons to guide missiles, mid 20th century, called Project Pidgeon. Never completed as improvements in electronics made that the more viable option.

Bob commented:

I’m sure the fish will do a much better job of driving then many people on the road now.

Emma said:

Why? The money can be used to help something useful.

Sarge said:

I take it there’s a big demand in Israel for goldfish driving.

Keith claimed:

Saw this on the news yesterday. Last I heard, a goldfish has about a 2 second memory. Which matches many of the drivers I’ve seen.

Jenny said:

They say a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, but now that fish can utilize vehicles, that statement might have to be adjusted.

Richard said:

We don’t need self driving cars we can use guppy guidance control systems. Just hope mine don’t drive into a lake!!!!

Jeff said:

They need to make the room more interesting. Perhaps with several monitors with different programming. Some potted plants or art. See if the goldfish driving shows any preferences.

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