Heart Breaking: Govi Machachari Opens Up On Fighting Depression, Losing Friends and Starting Afresh.

Govi Machachari Opens Up On Dealing with Depression

A few years back the Machachari show has been gracing the screens of Citizen TV for a while with the Machachari Crew giving Kenyan kids sleepless nights until years later when doors were shut for the Machachari crew since the young kids were now grown ups, the likes of Govi Machachari and others were in the cast.

So guess what, among the stars of Machachari that is Malik who was popularly known as Govi Machachari was among the actors who were hit had by the close down of the show. They had no ways forward but to go back home with No alternative. Only to receive Backlash from Kenyans.

Govi Machachari who is now a grown up narrated how he once felt into depression, lost friends who were there for him, whom they could meet and great with after the show closed. They were no more. He narrated how the acting industry one time had him hate acting forever but with the help of his mom who was there for him throughout kept pushing him to the acting opportunities that came in.

Speaking to youtuber Lynn Ngugi, Govi Machachari narrated how he could lock himself indoors, never wanted to move out nor meet people. He narrated how depression took him to his low,how he had to visit Nairobi West Hospital in several occasions.

But in 2020,he came out strong and fresh with dreams and that is when he started his own Filming company which is doing well. Let’s not forget that after the Citizen show, Machachari actors were given no other options in the acting industry and most had to go home.

This really hitted them had because they had no other acting deals, they had no opportunities coming and most of them went silent for sometime besides being in the mouths of Kenyans asking what might have transpired despite the crew being famous.


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Only to reappear later. We have seen some of Machachari actors like Govi and Baha utilising their fame to earn more money from YouTube. With some crews whereabouts remaining a misery. My question is,if you get an acting opportunity will you stick to only that one or you will try to find other acting gigs incase the one you are in closes, you have another place to go or will you just focus to that one until curtains closes? Share your thoughts below.

Govi Machachari
Govi of Machachari with youtuber Lynn Ngugi
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