Meet Fruit Shop Without Even 1 Seller! Only In Hawaii.

Meet Fruit Shop Without A Seller! Only In Hawaii? 

Have you ever thought of starting a business regardless of being too busy in operating and managing it?

Sometimes we feel like venturing into business but when we think of being to busy, we lose hope.

We start businesses when we think that there is someone available to manage it for us. But when you are a single woman or man who a demanding career like being a doctor, teacher or pilot, all our hopes remain shattered for a while before we figure out who will be managing our businesses when we are away.


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Why? This is because we cannot just start a business and let it manage itself reason being in several occasions regardless of your location there is perhaps some sorts of insecurity like robbers breaking into your shop and making away with your property but this happens only in most cases third world countries.

It is business unusual in Hawaii. In Maui, a town in Hawaii I can decide to start a business and so long as I have the suitable location to place my products, all I can do if I like is start the shop, put a banner, and a money collection box and that’s it!

So there is this fruits hop in Maui where Mrs. Chau runs a fruit shop but guess what, she is not there to sell you products you want. Why? She perhaps busy with something else.

Woman standing near fruit shop.
Credit: Chau H
Source: LinkedIn

In her shop all the fruits you want is there and if you’re her customer, and when you visit her shop you just take what you want but what about payment? Well Chau has a box where you place the money for the products you take.

On her LinkedIn page Chau, posted her shop and the prices of her products and this has left LinkedIn users so surprised and this is what they had to say;

@Tatiana Bilokha said this:
I love these little markets with the sweetest and juiciest fruits in the world in Maui. We always went to these markets or stopped along the way if we met them. I miss them so much now! And I really miss Maui too. Success to you and may a meeting with your customers happen sooner! ❤ ❤

@Dr. Raj Nagarajan had this to say:
We have numerous vendors who trust their shoppers.😁
But some have hidden surveillance cameras.😤
Thanks, happy Sunday. ❤️💯

Amirpeyman Seyrafi said:
“Fruit shop in Maui – Hawaii with no seller. You take merchandise and put money into money box.” , wow, 🤗

We are Bangladeshi. No Seller on the Fruit shop. We can’t think about. All the people are thief in the Bangladesh. Though is my country it is shame for me

Those are just a few but of the many comments that followed her post.

Not like in Kenya or your country where security is a matter or concern. You put your stall somewhere, go back to the house, when you come back the one shocking and sad surprise is your shop products are gone. We can say some people perhaps trust their shoppers and it also depends on the security of shops and products in the region.

My question is, can you start a shop just like Chau, put a money box with a notice and go back to your daily schedules? If yes let me know below.

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