Hellen Wendy Drowns Facebook: Woman Drowns In A Facebook Live Video

Hellen Wendy Drowns

A Canadian-based Kenyan lady has left many surprised after what started as fun ended up tragic. The lady through her Facebook page was identified as Hellen Wendy.

Hellen Wendy was a nurse in Canada and during this tragic day. She was sharing her current life affairs live on Facebook.

The lady was streaming on a live Facebook where she greeted her fans in Swahili as she goes back to swimming. In the 15-minute video, the lady told her friends that she had just come from work and was having fun.

Fun would turn into tragedy after she went to the farthest end of the swimming pool. In the video that lasted more than two hours, the lady is heard shouting helplessly and then all went silent.

Some men would be heard later trying to identify for appearing like a lifeless body in the swimming pool. And there was the just alive a few minutes ago lady.

In what is transpiring now the lady had predicted her death earlier. Through a WhatsApp chat. Premonition? Hellen Wendy Nyabuto had a prognostication of her death before the swimming pool accident.

In a leaked Whatsapp chat with a relative, Hellen says;

“Mimi nitakuwa huku, ata kama ni this year, nitakufa huku, sijui mtanichukua😂”

The relative jokingly replies;

“Tutakuchukua tukuzike Kenya. Huezi hepa mateso ya Kenya hata ukikufa.. 😂😂”

Her body was retrieved and is lying at a mortuary in Toronto awaiting a postmortem to determine what transpired.

Relatives say the body of the Canadian-based nurse will be flown to Nairobi after the autopsy. R.I.P Wendy.The WhatsApp messages

Hellen Wendy Drowns


Hellen Wendy Drowns, this is after her tragic death