Hilarious The Capital City of Africa Is? None Has Solved This So Far in 2022

capital city of africa
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The Capital City Of Africa Is?

Imagine you were born, your mama raised you, took you to school, and you got educated in various things including geographical stuff only for you to be the person you are today. It is hard for you to identify several life issues. Imagine you were once a geography student, learning about different parts of the world but when it comes to guessing some places when asked you cannot identify them.

Wondering how now? Well, even when abruptly approached which this type of guesswork with a specified short time limit I think I can instantly embarrass myself.

I think you have seen these TikTok guys asking random people the capital of a specific place or continent only for most people to fail. Well, this is one of the cases of this hilarious video that has gone viral after people fail a simple question. Imagine being asked the capital city of Africa only for you to say that it is Kenya or Nairobi. Come on in Africa a country at all? Or are your nuts loose and needs to be fixed up?

A number of guys either chose Nairobi or Kenya as the capital city of Africa. Imagine that as an African son. You are wondering which geography they learned or whether they did it. I’m wondering about the same brother.

That hilarious video in which people failed terribly saw a number of comments flooding the say your thought section and as those guys, we collected some for you to see after this what do you think? Do you know the capital city of Europe?

This guy wrote:
This is all courtesy of our gallant athletes, the unsung heroes

another said:
Kenya the pride of Africa

This hilarious one said:
Without Kenya we don’t have Africa. A very important country in Africa.

In regard to the capital city of Africa, this user claimed that:
If you ask a South African the best country in our continent atasema (will say)Kenya likewise Nigeria 🇳🇬, Egypt will see Kenya as a developed country.

In regard to the capital city of Africa, this wrote:
Kenya it is, we have 3 President, one elect , another one refusing to come out of power and the other one who thinks he should be the one … And the people are happy that way … No farther question

In regard to the capital city of Africa, another wrote:
Weeks ago while I was watching the Kenyan elections, waiting to see who will be the president, my colleague who is from New Zealand asked me “There’s elections in Africa? I told her not Africa but Kenya, she was like but Kenya is a city in Africa?i told her no Kenya is a country in Africa, aaarh she goes ahead and tells me, so the President of Africa is coming from Kenya? oh God I had to tell her yes!! Guys I haven’t recovered.

In regard to the capital city of Africa, another commented:
Means that they don’t teach their students about Africa but we are taught about Europe, brain washing us.

This guy said:
They don’t know what really Kenya represents. Anyway its Obama who made us famous.

capital city of africa
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this commented:
Africa is our business.Kenya is where the life begins democracy, alcohol,Business and money

Imagine with all that said, do you think that the western countries teach about the map or leave alone that, I mean do they teach about Africa as a continent or do they even touch that type of topic and do they even educate about the capital city of Africa? Or let’s say the education system there is very different from that of us. Imagine that time your teacher wanted you to cram all those African countries with their capital cities in your head? Only for you to learn that they no-longer help you in real life despite knowing them. On top of that you find that you have not travelled out of your motherland. Oh God have mercy.