Meet 1 Beatrice Warira A Beautiful Intersex Who Was Rejected By Everyone

Meet Beatrice Warira A Beautiful Intersex Who Was Rejected By Everyone Including Her Family

What’s trending online, today’s a very different story. It is Beatrice Wawira who is an intersex. If you look at her she has a woman appearance but according to her, she has masculine feelings.

The intersex beauty was born as an intersex but she never knew it since childhood. She/he thought that that she was normal and was like any other child, was stress free until she reached a time when she differentiated herself with her/his cousin and that’s is when stress and confusion started befelling her.

The intersex beauty, who was born at her mother’s home was left in the village where he/she used to live with her/his grandmother. He/She could ask his grandma if everything was okay with her but fearing he might fall to depression, she was told she’s okay.

The intersex beauty’s grandmother would later pass and together with her sister they were left under the care of her aunt. Same question she asked her aunt and the response was the same. So when Wawira grew older but still in primary school she started doing her investigations with other student and she confirmed she was totally different.

This is when the intersex beauty mother and aunt would later put things clear in her and tell her she was born intersex but they promised her they would change everything and she will be okay so that she don’t have too much panic.

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The intersex born  would later go through depression at age 7 after two of her female neighbors who were in high school would use her/him to satisfy themselves sexually and tell her to go. They continued abusing her and warned her never to dare tell anyone or else they would kill her.

The intersex beauty kept everything to herself and she knew that if she could tell her mom or aunt no one would listen to her. Going through depression, her mind never in school made her to repeat classes which made her younger sister to reach her class.

Speaking to youtuber Lynn Ngugi, Beatrice said her mom could beat her for nothing, mistreat her, and in most occasions send her away throwing out her cloths. She could sleep outside until morning where her mom would later tell her to go back inside and in the evening again would send her out.

It become a daily routine for four days until Beatrice and her sister completed their high school in 2014. This saw her sister passing exams and her failing. When the two asked their mother her plan for them? Her mom decided to take the sister who passed to get higher education, promising her she would be taken the following year.That would in 2016 when she was supposed to be taken to school.

Beatrice would remain home for the better part of 2016 and when it was approaching December she decided to ask her mom and that is when she got a lifetime response that left her dreams totally shattered. Her mom made it clear that she cannot take someone like Beatrice to school and she better chose her life.

Totally left confused, Beatrice decided to call her aunt whom she explained everything to and her aunt agreed to take her to school. While in school she would fell into depression and in most occasions she didn’t attended classes. She could just hide herself and cry.

Beatrice Wawira
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Her mom’s actions saw it spread to all the whole family until everyone hated Beatrice except her aunt and grandfather who would defend her whenever the uncles talked I’ll of her or intended to do something to her.

Thinking why and to whom she was studying to help in the future, she fell into depression and when she thought of her elderly grandfather who was to old and eventually would die, Beatrice though of a last plan of her life, and that was to kill herself incase her grandfather died.

In school she could go and pass time, she would play football and when they were given game skits, she could hide somewhere and change and that is when students started suspecting her that something was wrong with her. Not how she play football, not how she behave all was on a masculine gender. She never came out clear on her gender until she completed her high school.

Beatrice or Betty would later feel the love of a mom and then, she decided to go back to her mother in hopes that she has changed her attitudes towards her but to her surprise, she was the very same mom who used to beat her and in most occasions at age 21 she could be beaten up by her in front of her younger siblings for nothing. She felt it was too much for her and decided to move out.

Whenever she went to work, she would be fired for nothing,she got a hotel job and when the pandemic struck the world and countries went to lock downs and curfews, she was among the many people who lost their jobs and she had to go back to her grandparents home. That is when her grandpa who was always on the forefront to defend her passed and this made her uncles to hurl insults at her.

She got a house help job and when she came out clear on her gender as an intersex on social media, the lady who employed her fired her instantly and after going through a lot she got a job as a fruit vendor for a certain lady who stood with her, rented for her a house and that is when she started her life. She says she mostly feels manly inwards and would like to do surgery but remembering how expensive it is around $2000 and above dollars she get discouraged.

She said she talks to her mom nowadays but the two have never talked about the gender topic. They are just like a mother child relationship. But according to her she would like to go through surgery and to reach her for any word or finacial support to cover her surgery contact her through her contacts: or her phone number +254740192641

You can watch full story video on Lynn Ngugi’s YouTube channel

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