Ivana Trump Funeral Buried At Trump National Golf Club On July 14 : What You Must Know From, The Golden-Hued Coffin, Secret Service

Ivana Trump Funeral Sees Family Attends

Ivana Trump, the first wife of former U.S. president Donald Trump, died on Thursday, July 14, at the age of 73. Police are still investigating on what might have been the case that made her fall.

Before her death, Ivana Trump was married to former US president Donald Trump and together they were blessed with 3 kids that is Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

Ivana Trump was a great business woman despite being in the limelight of the powerful politic family. If you can remember during the celebration of Trump winning, Donald denied Ivana being his ex wife as the norm.

The burial saw the family attend the funeral after a long while with Donald Trump arriving separately with security personnel.

The kids  stood with their father and their families as the gold-toned casket was carried from the Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church.

Ivana Trump Funeral
A rare picture of Ivana and Ivanka Trump

But when was Ivana Trump Funeral held? Ivana Trump was buried on Wednesday 20th July 2022 in New York. During Ivana Trump Funeral. Ivanka Trump remembers mom Ivana as ‘trailblazer’ at NYC funeral.

The Ivana Trump funeral was conducted in Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church which is located just a few blocks from Ivana Trump’s residence near Central Park.

But what might have caused her death? Those stairs were steep, narrow and treacherous. And this are really brought outrage from some of her lovers who had this to say:

This user said:

I don’t understand why she didn’t have an aide with her knowing she had hip & balance issues. Also, why didn’t she have an elevator or just have a bedroom on 1st floor? This is tragic!

Another one said:

Trump had a housekeeper who came every day and a secretary who came three days a week. Her townhouse was four stories high and while there was an elevator, she never used it.

This said:

Wow. Very sad that she didn’t use the elevator. She knowingly had hip & balance issues… walking with her assistant …holding her arm for balance. It’s difficult to walk down steep winding staircase at that age. So tragic. It didn’t have to happen this way but it did. (sad emoji)

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