Jake Millar Dies in Kenya

A young New Zealand millionaire has been found dead in his Karen home in Nairobi. The New Zealander, Jake Millar died on 29th November 2021 that was on Sunday.

It is 8 months since Jake Miller came to Kenya and that is when the sad incident happened.

Jake Millar was found hanging on a rope and that is when the possibility of him committing suicide came.

The millionaire was also found alone in his home and according to police reports, they are doing investigations to establish the cause of his death.

Most of his friends who came to the scene have promised to transport his properties in New Zealand with the New Zealand Embassy promising to support the family.

In March Millar was in the Forbes list after selling his education company dubbed ‘Fitted’ something that did not go well with investors.

This made Jake Millar to relocate to Kenya to try something new after being accused of embezzlement of funds in New Zealand.



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