Justin Bieber Banned By Ferrari

Justin Bieber banned from buying and driving Ferrari after committing these offences.Find out which.

Justin Bieber prompts Ferrari to put last nail in the coffin

If reports doing  rounds on one of Italian  media are things to go by, then guess what? It will be like a bombshell that, American popstar Justin Bieber has totally been banned by Ferrari. Did you just read that? The “I’m sorry” hitmaker has been blacklisted by the Italian auto conglomerate from buying its cars, leave alone that. He has been banned from driving them. So from today henceforth if you fail to see Justin Bieber driving any Ferrari, do not, i say do not get surprised because it won’t be news anymore.

As reported the Italian car maker was totally disgusted and fed up with Justin’s behaviour of tainting their image and brand in the market in the name of pleasing the fans. Imagine doing something beyond that leads to your termination from some biggest companies in the world? It is a disaster! According to Ferrari, the singers behaviour with it is  products violated its rules and they felt it was time to put the last nail in the coffin before it’s too late for them. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but can i ask you? does it mean Hailey  B won’t get any more new Ferrari? Come on just kidding was not that serious. what were we talking about? oh yeah it was about Justin the Bieber!

But what did Bieber really did that made him get banned? Did he mocked the company? Did he destroyed or tainted their image being a celebrity ? Hell no! The disaster that saw him get banned was simply because guess what? Justin misplaced his Ferrari 458! you might be wondering what the hell misplacing your own car which you surely bought with your hard earned money has anything to do with your seller. This costed Bieber his love for Ferrari buying and driving and who knows what will happen if he is spotted driving any of them.

Justin who sung areal life experience song dubbed ‘where’s my car?’ back in 2015 where reports said he completely forgot where he had packed his car, imagine forgetting where you packed your car. Holy cow! This happened after a heavy night out in Beverly Hills. Bieber could not leave alone driving his Ferrari for a several weeks. Another thing that pissed the auto maker again was Justin Bieber customising and modifying his Ferrari without their consent. the auto moguls believe that supercars like Justin’s that rolls off its company are pieces of artwork that should never be altered in any way like Justin  Bieber did. To add salt into the wound, Bieber auctioned off his `Ferrari  458 again without alerting the seller. Prompting the marque to put the last nail in the coffin for Bieber for breaking up the contract rules he had signed. Remember it is the only company that takes its company image and brand value very seriously than any other out there thus the punishment for B.



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