Kabi Wajesus
Kabi Wajesus and Daughter Abby, Edgar Obare Photo : Courtesy Source: UGC

Kabi Wajesus Family posts Daughter Fans can’t keep calm!

On Tuesday 23rd November 2021, it was a big day for Kabi Wajesus family and MILLY Wajesus fans as Kabi Wajesus did what has been long awaited for. Guess what he did?

Kabi Wajesus Family finally posted his little known firstborn child with his baby mama, Abby Wajesus. And fans couldn’t keep calm.

Going back to Kabi’s deadbeat dad scandal that saw his little known private life being exposed. Lest not forget Kabi was accused of being a deadbeat dad who was never present in his firstborn daughter for the better part of her life since she was born.

This came to limelight after his babymama contacted blogger Edgar Obare who never disappoints when it comes to exposing secrets of the celebrities we do see online.

After the exposure, Kabi had to demand the DNA of Abby to confirm if the child was his so that he could be present financially and physically in the daughter’s life.

But guess what? It took Kabi Wajesus family several months before he could introduce his daughter to the limelight of social media and this was after fans were inquiring why he never posts the daughter.

It seems he vibed with the pressure and finally decide to create the account for the daughter. The account with user name is the real Abby of Kabi Wajesus but fans are questioning why did he decided to use abbywakabiwajesus instead of just abbywajesus?

Why is he trying to only own the child alone. as Abby wa Kabi Wajesus, Kabi Wajesus is him. Why did he not just give her the household name of Wajesus?

Thanks poured in his comments section many of them thanking blogger Edgar Obare for straightening him from a deadbeat dad who never appeared in his daughter’s life to a responsible dad.

Through his instagram page Kabi posted a photo of his emojied daughter hidden face and captioned:

So Excited my daughter Abby finally joins our online family
We are live @abbywakabiwajesus

While in a second post Kabi of Kabi Wajesus family posted her video and captioned:

My baby girl @abbywakabiwajesus it was also the best day of my life 🥰🥰 looking forward to this and more.

Full video on YouTube THE WAJESUS FAMILY


MILLY is one of the many fans who commented on the photos with love emojied welcoming the daughter to the family.

Look what they had to say:

millywajesus who is Kabi’s wife said: Welcome
home baby girl. We love you

hamisamobettokenya  said:Sasa
Ulikataa aje huyu mtoto
shuwally kabi?? This hil is
your twin in a feminine look

suziedarsh said: She’s so
beautiful and she’s such a

pendomeshac said:

eunick_gathogo said: Aki

miss_ndiiri said:

therealmrseng said:
abbywajesus is better than

laurine_ash23 said: Omg she’s

janeechep said: Pretty gurl
we need more pics for you
people together with Abby
aki ni Kabi’s duplicate even
the character oh my God ni
Jesus kweli

maureen_wanjir.u said: Welcome
to the online family baby girl

mercy_ramsey_ said: Thanks
edger, Uniletee
sweet nilikutetetea sana

Watu wa kutoka kwa tea master like

here finally kilio kimesikika

wambuinjugunah said: Tea master
fixing the nation one dead
beat at a time

irene.njoki.946 said: 
she is soooo cute..alafu
she is a vibe just like
kabi…daughters are close
to their dads..utaona vile
watakua tyt haiyaaa…….am
so happy..

maggie_wanji said: She’s Soo
beautiful with eyes and nose
like dad

Did Edgar Obare did a good job to reunite the Kabi Wajesus Family? Seeing the Kabi Wajesus family reunite was a very heartwarming thing. Share your thoughts below and let us know what you think.

Kabi Wajesus
Kabi Wajesus and Daughter Abby, Edgar Obare
Photo : Courtesy
Source: UGC



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