Kanye West, the Game in trouble with PETA

On Friday we Kanye West or Ye and The game surprised their fans with new song dubbed EAZY.

This is the second time the two have collabed for a hitsong like this and this is a new one you know.

So recently the Wildlife Department, Peta, which  specialises in protecting the rights of wildlife in the United States of America got angry with Kanye West. But Why?

The cover of this single involved a skinned monkey as the image. Most people most so his fans did not know anything about the animal until Kanye West got pointed on by PETA, a wing that specialises in wildlife protection in the States.

Fans involved the skinned baboon with witchcraft and satanism as they did not know what really the image meant.

Kanye West and the Game have landed themselves in hot water with PETA over the extremely graphic cover art for their upcoming collaboration.

PETA criticises Kanye West and The Game for using image of skinned monkey as cover art for new single.

The disturbing image of a skinned monkey that @kanyewest shared serves as a reminder that there’s no real difference between humans & other animals.

Their lives aren’t easy when we abuse & kill them for food, experiments, clothing, or entertainment.

Fans also were not backing up Kanye and had those to say:

Seth said:
it’s so inhumane and sick. it isnt “art” or whatever he was aiming for.

Leo said:
Kanye Stan’s still have the guts to defend him show the audacity of people

David said:
I actually don’t even see this as a direct criticism? It kinda sounds like they’re saying he’s just giving an example of the cruelty animals go through. “Serves as a reminder” isn’t exactly a critique

Kanye West
The image of the said monkey.
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC


Mimi said:
PETA usually is dramatic but they’re actually right this time

Lynn said:
I’m not a fan of Kanye West, but are you sure they’re critising him? I think they’re only reminding us that under our skin/fur we all have the same bodies



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