KFC in Kenya blasted for making chips with imported potatoes. Find out why?

KFC in Kenya serves customers ugali after running out of imported potatoes

American fast food company that is renowned KFC in Kenya which is known for their tasty chiken fries and French fries seemed to have fethch being during the festive of 25th December 2021.

It was this day that the normal KFC in Kenya which is always there with chips ran out of it. It is the Chrismas day celebrations and New year day celebrations that saw it run out of the French fries and this made them to apologise for the public.

The KFC in Kenya which is known to serve only chiken and chips turned to serve different tastes to it’s customers and among them was the Kenyan staple food Ugali, coleslaw,snacksburn and other drinks.

Addressing the public KFC in Kenya said:

Fam it was truly a Furaha December.  Mlikula sherehe with your KFC faves. Ya’ll loved our chips a little too much, and we’ve run out. Sorry! Our team is working hard to resolve the issue. In the meantime here are some SWAP options for combo meals if you are craving our Kuku.

Angry Netizens speaks:

Kerebei said:
Traveling along Eldoret Nairobi road , many of our Kenyans women are selling potatoes.why can you just support them rather to importing.

Munchos said:
Kfc standards want long potatoes to make long chips. Kenya doesn’t have those

Nyambura said:
But why can’t you buy potatoes locally, I can supply you a bag at 3250/- DM I get you the same on Wednesday. You don’t need to bring potatoes from another country

Jo’s Mag said:
Would they import when it’s available locally? Why all that expense and transportation hurdle really if they were available?

East African said:
N y can’t u guys buy our local potatoes,tafadhalini n mjue pia tunameza susia hizo chipo zenu mbili

Alfa said:
You guys need to sort out your house very fast, coz your current fries suck, they taste like these normal fries that we r nomally abused with outside here, infact, they r tasteless & look funny.

Brian said:
Nimeskia manimport waru!!!…hivo ndo nimeboycot this brand

Kimeu said:
Kwani viazi ziliisha kinangop na pale molo au mau summit ? Their is a guy who used to supply potatoes to one of the restaurants I used to work for and he used to slice and he met quality standards and restaurant specitications.

Vanny said:
This will be the end of you!
You expect Kenyans to support you while you source for frozen potatoes in the US and Chicken in SA?
If it’s Kenyan support,then it must be BUY KENYAN BUILD KENYA..
Rethink your decisions……

Reks said:
Ati “The reason we cannot buy local at the moment is all suppliers need to go through the global QA approval process and we cannot bypass that even if we run out to ensure that our food is safe for consumption by our customers” – The CEO, KFC

Mugaki said:
This explains the really terrible greasy normal non KFC type fries I got on Sunday 26th Dec at Lavington. The outlet should have explained when ordering that I would be be getting the usual KFC fries and I only found out when I got home.

Kimo said:
I get my chips along Moi Avenue… hizi za KFC kumbe zinatoka Egypt?

Indeje said:
It ain’t a joke. Even Macdonald’s in Japan are in the same boat.

Sureo said:
If you can’t buy from our local farmers we then pray hard you continue being out of stock..
It’s time we do it at home

Machithi said:
Interesting. There are plenty of potatoes in Nyandarua County. Why not contract farmers to produce your standards? Or you MUST import from Egypt and SA?

KFC brand banner
Photo: KFC
Source: Twitter

Muguthu said:
Why don’t you buy potatoes from parents and parents in laws of your customers? Many including my parents struggle over where they can get market for their potatoes. Yet I’m a return customer for KFC. Buy from them and save me money to buy more from you. Economic growth.

After the incident that happened to KFC in Kenya, it has come clear that the fast food company has been importing potatoes and not buying locally.

Angry Kenyans had to point out the KFC in Kenya and hwo knows what might happen?

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