Khali Cartel 4
Khaligraph Jones Photo: Khaligraph Source: instagram

Khali Cartel 4 Official Video is out! Fans are feeling the vibes.

Khali Cartel 4 Official Video is out! Fans are feeling the vibes. From the comments section, fans are really praising Khaligraph Jones and they are not stopping anytime soon.

Khaligraph Jones just released the official video of Khali Cartel 4. And it is like fans welcomed it fully. The official video just dropped a few hours ago and it it currently doing very well on youtube.

The official video is currently trending at number 4 on youtube in for music with a whooping 242K views as of now. And very soon guess what? It will be smiling all the way up to several views within a short period of time.

In the music, Khaligraph Jones featured non other than Katapilla, Shekina Karen, Murasta, Achicho, Elisha Alai and guess who else? Ben C.

Fans are really praising it and here is what some had to say:

ismaila audu said:
Khaligraph Jones and his team
are cooking something great to
captivate their fans and viewers.
Love from Nigeria II
Respect The OG! .. Mad Talent

Godfrey Rotich said:
The only bad thing about this
masterpiece is that it ends.

Willingtone said:
This is a Masterpiece, a well
executed plan of vocal
arrangements…an absolute
pinnacle of musical
mastery…this is hands
down…the Rolls Royce of
Kenyan Musicded

Anonymous said:
This is a masterpiece. Kenyans
are proud and proud.

Presenter Ali said:
This Is Fire

Dancan Oyuma said:
This is dope man coz of how
Jones braught all Ordinare
Challenge finalist & give them
the platform yg y This is kind
& kinda of musicians we need in

Nicodemus Mwania said:
This is the true talent we need in
Kenya, cant get enough of the
hit, Horrei to Khaligraph Jones
he is really the man for the
crown, he natures our brothers
and sisters all through, keep em’

Layon Media said:
Hands down for the big effort
that went into this song.
khalighraph thanks for
supporting new talents. Bless
up. Nipewe likes zake

Those are just not only the ones but a some of the massive comments with positive vibes on Khaligraph’s youtube comments section.
The OG must be feeling high now.

According to Khaligraph the Khali Cartel 4 was one music of a kind to appreciate his fans for their support towards his growth.

Khali Cartel 4
Khaligraph Jones
Photo: Khaligraph
Source: instagram

Let’s not forget that Khaligraph’s Odinare Challenge saw Blue inc. studios partnering with Odibets under their Odimtaani initiative. Do you feel the vibe of Khali Cartel 4? Share below.


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