Kim Kardashian and Kanye Back In Love? Let’s Get Into It!!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye Back In Love? Let’s Get Into It!!

Hi socialites, It has been a while now since it became public that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were no longer an item. This was after they declared to having divorced each other after a long period of being together.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were in a 7 year old relationship and were blessed with two kids. If you watched the keeping up with the Kardashians,you must have seen Kim claiming that she was unable to continue with the lifestyle of Kanye West and she found that a better solution was divorce him.

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She said it would be good for Kanye to find a woman who will suit him and there is also a period she said that her prayer was to live a happy life than live in a relationship that feels like jail.

Kim also said she will remain friends with Kanye despite their divorce. There is this time also she was advertising the Yeezy brand and on other reports it was said that Kanye had shattered all conversations with Kim.


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The legendary rapper were later seen cozy with Iryna Shaykh on several occasions after he said he wanted to date fellow singer of whom he believed they will ryme.

But guess what, on Donda Album listening party, many were surprised after Kim and sister together with their kids showed up and were seen together with Kanye on July 23rd.

This happened in Mercedes Benz Park, Chicago. But it didn’t ended there, when the rapper released “Listening album party, Kim Kardashian and all their kids showed up again and they seemed all happy.

On first listening party, Kim wore a red dress code so was Kanye. And on the second one, Kima and Kanye together with the kids wore the same outfit and theme of the family was black. This perhaps refers to what Kim said they will remain friends.

So guess what socialites, haha now there is this picture doing rounds on social media showing Kim and Kanye West in California where they went to have a lunch on Thursday August 19th!

This has showed signs that these two are perhaps in the process of settling down their differences and its just a life they have decided to live as divorcees.

Chicago is the place where the Album Donda party will be held and who knows if Kim will be the special guest? What do you have to say about these two lives? Share in the comments section!


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