Humanity Still Exists AMONG KMO Sacco

Have you ever been in a situation where you wake up early to head up for work. Get delayed by the house errands only to realise you’re almost late for work? You find other rude drivers and conductor not the ones from KMO Sacco

This time you have to head over to the bus stop to get a lift to work place. This is not the same case if you’re disabled in any way.

You will have to struggle all the way to the bus stop only to be charged way higher than the normal price as non disabled individuals by rogue conductors.

It is not always a ride in the park for disabled people in the community. Unless you get these drivers like the little known from KMO Sacco

So there is this driver and conductor from  KMO Sacco in Kenya that caught internet attention after what they have been for untold period of time, became a wow to many internet users.

KMO Sacco
The driver and conductor
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

The driver and conductor who who are Mwas and Njau of KMO SACCO operates Nairobi’s Kinoo – CBD caught manys attention after it was discovered that the KMO SACCO staff have been picking up disabled individuals daily from their habitats to their workplaces daily and ontop of that, they charge them normal prices.

A linkedIn user by the name Solomon Kimani would post the photos showing the KMO Sacco conductor carrying a disabled woman into the car. In the caption he said:

Thumbs up to the amazing driver and the conductor who plie the Town-Kinoo route.

Every single day they go to West lands,ABC place to pick staff with disabilities from their places of work and drive them to their homes at normal bus fare rates.

This saves them the agony of crossing the busy Waiyaki way and also saves them the hassle of bus drivers leaving them stranded at bus stops.

They are called Mwas and Njau working for KMO Sacco. Let’s recognize these two servants with golden hearts

The diver of KMO Sacco
Photo: Courtesy
Source: UGC

The KMO Sacco crew left many other users recommending the duo for their act of kindness and some of them had this to say:

Lui Denis commented:
The head of state need to recognise such for their good public service thus adorable

Diana Kabahuma Muhwezi commented:
Wow… strategic and yet very helpful to people with disabilities. These guys found a need, got an affordable solution and still make their income. Ideas can never run out. Well done 👏. #Createyourlane #innovation

Peter Musyimi commented:
This is exemplary.❤️❤️🙌 Service to humanity is service to God

Victor singa commented:
We have good Kenyans such are an example of true spirited individuals who deserves that award by the president of Kenya the OGH

kimanzi ikutha commented:
Thumbs up folks. Your work can only be rewarded well by God. Keep doing what you do folks

Emma Mburu wrote:
May God bless them abundantly expand their bounderies far and wide ,may God keep them and strengthen them.

David Maingi wrote:
Beside the Humanity, there is passion in what they are doing according to the picture and also the consistency they have in making time to go pick them. It should be among the images of the month. They are deep into humanity. This is just the start and their service will not go unnoticed. 🤝🤝🤝🤝I salute them.

Antony Komu wrote:
This is a great spirit of kindness. All matatu employees should emulate these people. God will reward you abundantly

Solomon Kimani undoubtedly correct.. They need to be celebrated

Mutheu Musila wrote:
I have realised KMO have good services to customers…with their supervisor mr.mwaura

Kennedy Kenneth said:
This is great and ought to be acknowledge

Elizabeth Njeri said:
Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts
Humanity wins

Rena Priscah said:
Wooow! This is soo touching.
True they deserve congratulations and HSC.

Co-Founder at KOMIUTA
Very noble human beings. God bless them and their generations #HumanityWins

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